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I got a date!


I got a date for surgery 21st December!!!

I had a lararoscopy in Jan and was referred to a specalist who I saw in May so been waiting for a date since then.

I'm due to have the following done laparoscopy, ovarian cystectomy +/- oophorectomy, cystoscopy, ureteric stenting, excision of bladder endometriosis +/- bowel resection and a tubal dye test. Recovery in hospital 2-5 days and min 5-6 weeks recovery.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice to help with recovery?

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Wowser so close to Christmas. Take your time to heal don't overdo it - says me who over does it everyday! But seriously it's easy to go overboard at Christmas to please others but this year you need to let others help you. Rest. Move around a bit. No lifting. Drink peppermint tea. Take it easy and let someone else cook the dinner :) good luck for your op.

Good luck for your op! I hope you have a lovely Christmas aswell and don't over do it to much. It's easy to think you feel better after a couple of days but it takes a while to fully heal. Lots of peppermint tea and rest will help you! xx

Good luck with your surgery! I had very similar operation in September. Take it easy for the first couple of weeks. I bought some colouring books to keep me amused. If you check on my previous posts there are some links to websites on post operation recovery. I found them very helpful.

I went back to work after 4 weeks but worked half days for the first two weeks. I am now feeling much better 3 months post op. Hope your operation goes smoothly.

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