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Feel bad for complaining but I need a lap date


I have waited well over 18 weeks and still no date or even an indication of a date.

I am in agony and fed up so I have put in an official complaint at having to wait. I know NHS are under huge pressure I just need a date in my head to work to.

Not sure what complaint will do but at least I feel I am trying to get them to give me a date.

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Have you rung the department hun, maybe by chance it hasn't left the file. This happened to me I was told I'm having a lap and I'll hear from them soon. Luckily I had other appointments regarding pelvic pain and when I attended the lady opened my file and she said my request for lap was still in the file and she doesn't want to do anything with me till iv had the lap. She sent me with my file to the pre op assessment they rang me within days for preop then the following week I was in for lap maybe ring and get them to, check your file xxx

Im def on list rang several times but just keep getting told no spaces yet.

Just keep ringing hun. Maybe see if they can transfer you to another hospital that will see you sooner I can't remember how it works but there's some deadline they have to try keep too 💗🤗😘

Hi, have you been back to your GP? Sometimes they can chase up referrals and get results. If you have waited over 18 weeks, it’s well worth chasing.

Another option is to phone the hospital switchboard and ask to be put through to the gynaecology service manager. Explain your situation and ask about waiting times. They should answer honestly about the pressure on the service and give you an indication of what to expect.

There will also be a PALS service at the hospital who can get answers for you, if you can’t speak to a manager directly.

Personally I’d do all that before making a complaint. You might be able to hurry things along. A complaint is of course always an option, but if they have a huge waiting list and no extra resources it won’t necessarily bring your surgery forwards.

Hi, I was told routine appointments can have a waiting time of 32 weeks, however I’ve waited 8 months for mine. Hope this helps a little.

Have you asked to be put on a cancellation list- I did this and only had to wait 9 weeks. I still had a months notice so I could get time off work. Good luck I hope you get a date soon xoxo

Im on cancelation list!!

Got an email today. They are looking into it but due to winter pressures not doing non emergency at mo.

I get this I just want a date even if in 2 months!

The nhs is really struggling and that is National news,

But I think on the whole i think it is so amazing how many services it offers, which are out of most people’s budgets mine included!!! I think we are lucky to have it 😊

I do get your frustration at waiting especially when in pain and you are definitely not alone.

I’ve got a colleague whose a single mother working two jobs and her back is agony- the drs kept throwing pills at it but one gp has refered her to have an mri scan-she’s told this could take months. It’s rough hun. She’s in so much pain.

I’m expecting a long wait for my next laparoscopy. I’m working two jobs and I’m flat out exhausted.

Im having my GP manage my symptoms- such as pain so at least I’m comfortable. Also as I’m getting dizzy spells and weight loss blood tests are being run too.

I can only suggest perhaps the gp can issue painkillers so at least you’re not in pain. And for the gp to manage other symptoms such as heavy bleeding etc just to make you as comfortable as possible.

It’s crappy being in pain and I hope your GP can relieve your pain. Your GP will also hold a lot of clout- and could fight your corner for surgery date.

Hope you get a date soon xoxo

Sorry to hear about your wait, it's so difficult hanging around, I'm also waiting for my date. I've called the gynae surgery unit every week since my gynae referred me, at first I was told I would be contacted at the end of March with an appt date but when I called back last week they said I'll be contacted with a date end of Feb and that it will be about 1 months wait. There's nothing wrong with phoning to chase up and everytime I've had a really helpful person. I've just explained that I know I'm on a long waiting list and I am just calling for an update...I've also asked to be put on the cancellation list to. Really hope you get your date soon..

I do appreciate nhs is under pressure im not sure what the answer is to it all.

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