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Finally got my date TLH BSO


After a very long wait ive finally got my date for TLH BSO. So Friday it is!!! Feeling a bit nervous now........ No feeling very nervous to be honest. Having excision at the same time and probably a blood transfusion. Start my bowel prep Thursday which im not looking forward to but will be worth it though if it means they can sort all the endo on my bowel out. Heres hoping its the start of a new life 🤞Does anyone have any documents i can send my employer about recovery? At my preop they said i would need 13 weeks off work so i questioned it with my dr and he said wouldnt be any sooner than the 6 week po check and then they would re-assess it. (i run a small business 11 people although not physical it is quite stressfull). I spoke to my boss today and he has had a look on the trusty Nhs website and "for what i am having done" full recovery is 4 weeks for keyhole and 6 weeks for abdominal. It really upset me cause its like ive made it up. I am not one for having unnecessary time off and really do work my socks off for him. Now im feeling pressure before ive even had it done ☹

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its understandable that you are nervous, its a big operation. I had that same op, including bowel shave/excision. My consultant said 8-12 weeks recovery for me. My now 8 weeks post op and have done a phased return to work (i can work from home).

I would remind you boss he is not medically qualified, everyone recovers at their own pace, and your consultant and GP will provide the relevant fit notes to cover your leave. I had two weeks on the first one, then 4 weeks on second, and followed with a 6 week phased RTW, taking me to 12 weeks in all.

Bowel prep is not nice, get some moist toilet tissues as more gentle when you wipe, and stay close to the toilet.

If you can, cook ahead and freeze some meals as you wont be up to cooking. Have peppermint tea in for the gas and walk around as much as you can.

Good luck and big hugs xxxxx

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Thank u for your reply Judan. its good to hear from someone who has been through the same. i have said to him that when i am well enough i may be able to do a phased return. Got the impression that wasnt suitable either. I know i have to be good to myself otherwise i will regret it later on. Definately dont want a prolapse or anything. Ive had Picolax before so know how effective it is! Wont be inviting any guests around that day! lol

How has your recovery gone?

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Recovery is going well thanks. Gas pains were pretty bad and lasted nearly three weeks. Bowels are still recovering and taking lactulose to help. About to start my HRT, so will see how that goes!

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thats good. ive heard it can take a bit of time for the bowels to start working. was thinkinģ of taking lactulose after to help keep things moving comfortably. i used tibilone hrt when i had a prostap injection and it helped with the menopausal side effects greatly. would definately recommend it. x

Hugs. I had this surgery back in March. I'm doing really well now but it is a tough recovery and you will need the 13 weeks. Your boss might think he's really smart having read the NHS website but those guidelines are for a straightforward TLH and that's NOT what you are having. A hysterectomy for endo is a long, complex surgery because they cut into our bowel, our bladder etc as well as removing the uterus and ovaries. You'd need a month off for the bowel surgery alone, never mind anything else. Obviously it's up to you whether or not you'd want to have that conversation with him.

If you have any questions about the surgery or recovery please ask. x.

thanks joreilly. ive not long been for my transfusion bloods so i asked the nurse practioner again and she says the same as u and that it will be 12/13 weeks give or take. how soon did the menopausal symptoms hit u? did u have a catheter and drain? how long were u in hospital for? x

I was on prostap before I had the op so already having menopausal symptoms, though I would say they did get worse after the surgery. I was in for 2 nights, had a drain for 24 hours and a catheter for 48. I started HRT 13 weeks post op and it took about 3 months before I felt any real benefit from it. I'm currently on tibolone but the consultant said I might find oestrogen patches better. I'm waiting a while before switching though as I have had so many drug treatments in the past 18 months, plus multiple surgeries that I'm trying to just have some consistency for a bit first.

They also sent me home with blood thinners which I had to self-inject (it was fine, but I wish I had known beforehand) and I had to take movicol for 2 weeks post op. Spent a night in A&E for pain relief 6 days post op when my bowels finally decided to start moving again and was readmitted for 2 nights at 14 days post op as I had an infection in the vaginal wound and had a massive bleed. Other than that it has been a really positive step for me - I was off all painkillers within a couple of weeks of surgery and have been able to massively cut down on my use of laxatives (I was having to take them every day). I don't miss periods or the horrendous bleeding at all. The two main downsides have been that my hair has thinned quite a bit (it started falling out last year after my diagnostic lap back in January) and I've put on 20lbs that I cannot shift at all. Six weeks on weight watchers and exercising every day and I've not lost anything :/ but my nurse said my body is still trying to recover from the surgeries and drugs and it will take time.

blimey all straight forward then lol. ive got to have the blood thinning injections too. i had them for a week last time when i had my lap. how long did u have them for? got a feeling will need them longer. ive struggled with my weight too hoping it might get easier after but prob just wishful thinking. im glad its been a positive outcome for you in the end. nice to think there is light at the end of the tunnel :-)

Hi dawntildusk!! I had total laparoscopic hystectomy and ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed in April!! Your fine to be nervous I'm a sister in the NHS and I had to have a sedative before the Ga as I was so anxious but it's been so worth it!! I didn't have endo however I had adhesions which were attached to my bowel and bladder but the have got rid of them aswell!! My recovery has been fantastic just some gas pains for about 5 days but I only need paracetamol for pain relief for about 3 days post op!! Everyone recovers and heals differently and the suggested time scale is just an average so your employer need to go on the advice of your drs looking after you!! They will provide sick notes and there is nothing your employer can do about it. I was back at work after 5 weeks and did 2 week phased return and I work in a busy endoscopy unit!! Just go with what your body tells you!!! Good luck and if you want to know anything just message me.xxxx

hi emma. wow 3 days po pain relief sounds amazing. u must be made of tough stuff 💪fingers crossed im as lucky you! glad to hear the op has been good for u. u must be really pleased. im really hoping it will change my life for the better. feel like its all or nothing but they said it couldnt wait any longer. how have u managed with the surgical menopause?

Yes I was lucky also on the day the surgeon was trialling new most up to date laparoscopic equipment so I only had internal stitches the entry ports where tiny!! I've been on oestrogen only hrt right from the 2nd day and had no menopause symptoms at all which again is good as that's another worry when you have this op!! I'm 45 so will be in it until I'm 51 he said!! Also my surgeon was BSGE accrediated and this definitely makes a difference for these operations!! My life is now symptom free from pain and periods but also the other bonuses are no chance if cancers in those areas as all gone and no more smears yippee!!! Please keep me updated on how you got on you will be fine just remember it will take as long as it takes to recover!!!

will do. my surgeon is also bsge. was a very hard lesson learned in the first place. im only 37 so assuming i will also need to take hrt until around 50. dont think i can have oestrogen one though. thank you for all your kind words. x

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