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Extended/extra long bleeding from period with unusual clotting and extra heavy bleeding

I typically have extremely heavy and severe irregular periods. I have been on birth control since I was 13 (the age that I originally started for the first time). I am currently 19. A couple different ones due to insurance coverage issues, until I started to take Junel Fe. it causes an extreme hormonal imbalance and I got bacterial vaginosis. I had to stop taking my BC due to needing antibiotics. I have not tried any new contraceptives since due to being scared that I'll have new issues.. It's been 6+ month since I've taken anything and nothing has really been abnormal (as normal as an irregular cycle could be) since. I had two periods in a one month time frame and the last one was short and painless. This one started semi-normal. The first day, I was cramping worse than anything I've ever experienced and it lasted maybe a half hour. I haven't cramped hardly at all since but I bled for about 4-5 days. I only used 2 tampons total. The rest of the time I used pads. I stopped bleeding to the point that I thought i was spotting on the 5th day. I started having a brown colored metallic smelling discharge. Me and my bf had intercourse that morning right after I showered because he thought I had stopped bleeding. Later that day, I started heavily bleeding. But worse. This time, there was way more blood coming out faster than I could run to the bathroom. I'm scared to try tampons. It went back to dark or bright red blood. I also had pretty big blood clots. But it was super liquid/mucus like. Almost like jelly, I'd say. Not runny but not solid.. I have super mild cramps.. Barely noticeable. I have intercourse often but I have normal heavy periods every month. I've never had clots. My longest period before this was about 11 days long. I'm trying to wait it out, thinking it's an extra long period but I'm getting worried. I have been stressed to the max and overly depressed constantly for a few weeks. I also figured that might be a reason. The toilet bowl fills with blood just from going pee. And not even watered down.. dark red blood. Almost like there's no water at all. I still haven't felt any cramps. But my bruises heal super slow and cuts and scrapes just scab. They take forever to heal. I'm extremely fatigued and i sleep for 12+ hours with no interruptions to my sleep at all. No bathroom breaks or anything and I wake up with a full almost overflowing pad. I'm not sure what to do. The hospital says they think it might be a miscarriage since I'm sexually active so often but.. I've taken many tests and they're all negative. and I've had normally timed cycles plus heavy bleeding every time. I need help 😔

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