Abnormal period/bleeding (sorry if too descriptive/disgusting)

Hi everyone,

I asked a question a week ago as I started having PMS symptoms and then started bleeding, even though I still had three contraceptive pills to take. I convinced myself that it was just a period, and continued to take my another pack of pills as soon as finishing the last pack (as advised by the Gyne, as he wants me to try and put off my periods until after I've had my Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and cauterise some possible cervical erosion) but now I'm getting a bit concerned. I'm sorry if this is pretty detailed and disgusting, but I can't get to see my GP (as always) and I'm starting to worry myself.

My periods are usually regular (I only have irregular bleeding occasionally after sex), every month I take my last pill, 5 days later I'll come on, then 5 days later I'll stop bleeding. Yet, I've been bleeding for around 8/9 days now.

The blood started as a brownish colour (similar to what I get after having a smear test), then became really dark, and sometimes had bright red bits as well. I also noticed that it was pretty thick, with clots and almost mucusy looking blood. It was like this for about 4/5 days, and was really heavy, then it became really light and normal coloured, so I thought it was coming to the end. However, today I've started bleeding really heavily again, and it's gone back to the brown colour. I also found that for the first 4/5 days it was hurting to wear tampons, even the smallest/lightest ones.

I have no idea what this means and I'm frustrated that I can't get to see a doctor. I'm currently taking Paracetamol (500mg) daily (between 2-6 a day) and Tramadol (but only when the pain gets too bad). I also take my contraceptive pill, but I've never had problems with this. I wouldn't say I'm extremely stressed. I don't drink or smoke heavily (maybe 4/5 cans of beer a week and 3/4 cigarettes a day). I'm also not having sex and I haven't had a smear/speculum inserted since June, so I haven't done anything that could have caused the bleeding.

Once again, I'm sorry if this was too much info, I just need some advice :( xx

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Dark brown is normal...absolutely normal. it's old uterus lining shedding away. Because it has been some time since a normal period the menstruallining has been sitting in there a while and like all blood it goes brown when it kind of dries up and rusts. Like scabs on the skin are much darker than fresh bleeds are. This is why endo cysts are called chocolate cysts, just filled with blood that gets old and turns dark brown. Same as you have had a nose bleed on the pillow or a shirt and it stains darker than it ever looked when it first stained.

The lining is thicker too and your period would expect to be longer lasting than before because there is more of it to shed away and it is going to come away at a slower rate than normal too. The bright red is fresh blood from the wounds opened up when the menstrual lining came away. Please don't panic it is completely normal, and infact as you get older your periods often become more dark anyway as linings tend to dry out quicker (for want of a better phrase) and you do get used to it, but it certainly is un-nerving to have that happen the 1st time.

Clearly not all the lining came away in the first days of the period and a second lot came away later which again caused fresh wounds behind it which bled too.

Hope that makes you feel at ease a bit. Nothing dangerous and nothing you have done either to cause it. It is recommended to be actually having a period when you have surgery so that the endois active and can better be seen inside the tummy area. So if you can manage to judge your pill taking to be 'on' when you have the op so much the better.

The dark brown periods (smudges as I call them) usually catch you out after being on GnRH drugs for several months, but just as easly happen after having the pill back to back, or indeed as I said as you get to middle age it happens too anyway, without even taking any BC pills.

Hi impatient,

I was really confused with spotting right now. I've red the situation of ms.pixie and i think we have the same situation but the difference is i have sexual intercourse and i did not take down the dates of my intercourse. I have a history of polycystic cyst before i got pregnant. Please help, i am confused if this spotting is just normal. Anyway i am taking a pill to regulate my menstruation.

Just like the others i need advise. Thanks

hi impatient

im having this but how long does it last?

I'm having the same trouble as this women the difference with me is that I've been on birth control pill since early April yet I'm still having these problems

Hey hun, my GP ended up putting me on Norethisterone, which did stop the bleeding within a couple of days! Have you tried taking these? I also had the exact same problem while taking birth control pills, which is why I had the coil fitted.

Im takin the same kind of pills (Norethindrone) an its doin me the same way its doing her. Im on wk 4 of my pills an my mensteral been on for 9 days now!!! It startd off lite pink then got heavy an started to see plenty of blood clots by the 7th day it started lookn brownish but still hvnt manage to go off!!!

Just wana say I'm so glad to have read this, I'm a single mum my wee boys 2. Last sex was over a month ago but I'm on cerzette pill also and nvr had any problems! I took an ear/throat infection and was giving crazy strong antibiotics. Since starting them every time I wiped I saw fresh blood then dark brown then fresh. It's driving me mad now as it's bn 3 weeks and no sign of going away! It took 5 weeks b4 my wee boys pregnancy showed up on a stick aswel so I'm scared! No pains bn tired alot, stomach feels like my organs are swollen up in my chest tho. Should I stop taking the pill and have a proper bleed! Start fresh with nxt cycle. Please help with advice xx

Hi, thanks for the reply :)

Would you know if it's normal to have prolonged bleeding? This is now my 11/12th day on now, I'm in a lot of pain and I've just had enough. I managed to get a doctors appointment, but there was no real examination; he just felt my stomach. He prescribed me Mefenamic Acid (which I've been taking for a couple of days) but it hasn't seemed to stop the bleeding :(

Mefenamic acid is like pain relief Hun. I have been bleeding and passing clots for 8weeks now none stop has got really heavy the last few days like I have to change every 15-20 minutes. I have tried Norethindrone it hasn't worked for me. I have been to the hospital as my gp that many times iv lost count they just give me pain relief and send me home. I'm not sexually active never have been. They keep asking about STD's and misscarriage when I haven't ever had sex!! I get really bad dizzy spells and I'm to weak to do anything all the time. Just wish someone would help it's getting to bad I'm only 23 years old 😭

Hi Pixie

I'm sure your bleeding has gone away now - but just to let you know I had very bad bleeding which started two days after my period. It was very heavy, so heavy that I would put in a tampon for a 'heavy' flow and within two minutes it would have to be changed. I also had lots of clots. I ended up having to go to hospital where i had a drip put in my arm, had mefenamic acid and had a pack put in. That happened just over a month ago, and i haven't had that sort of bleeding since (thank goodness) but it was all rather scary! I would advise, if it happens again to go to A&E.

I read your reply.-and i didn't really understand. At what point should i ' panic' . I cant insert a tampon for 5 minutes. The flow is too heavy. I dont believe a&e will help (3 eptopic pregnancy - no one ever listened-to me) how did you get them to listen.-

Hi Alison. I was in France on holiday when it happened. I went to A&E where they sent me to a gynaecologist straight away. She checked me out, saying the blood wasn't coming from my womb, and then realised it was coming from behind my cervix (I don't know why this was) they did a load of tests, packed me up, and I stayed the night in a private bedroom. I think i was lucky that I was in France. They were very thorough.

That happened to my sister 4 like six months I took her to the hospital cause I was worried then they said we had to go to her GP she was her fist time there and had to see the nurse the done a urine sample and sent off for chlamydia but come back negative then one day her mate asked her if she could go get a morning after pill for him so she went to a walk in centre and saw the nurse who told her that because she had unprotected intercourse that she would like to do a chlamydia screening so she done it by swab that time within a week she got a call to say it was positive for chlamydia she went for treatment and then the heavy bleeding and clots and darkness went away she had the same partner for 4years he had cheated on her and passed the std to her so it can happen with some one you trust so maybe you should rule it out x x hope this helps

Hi I know this is an old Post. I just wanted to say that I've been on 3 diff birth controls and each time- after about a year- I begin to have similar symptoms to what you described. My doctor explained that your body can stop responding to birth control in diff ways after it builds up in your body.

Hey everyone i have a question i read everyones post about there situation that they are having and i have one myself.... i was on the depo my first time and didnt like how my body was reacting to it so i stop using it once i stopped everything was fine until i had sexual intercoarse with my boyfriend (protected) then a week later stared bleeding thought it was my period but it havent went away and its been 4or 5 months went to my dr. When it hit 2 months she didnt really do anything about it ...but im getting worried its clots coming out and sometimes i have bad cramps and some days i dont i cant take this any more and i know for a fact that its not an std i went to go get checked for it

How about someone help. I am a week early from my period. Started dark dark and I do smoke I do have sex. I have harsh pain in Left side of my tummy hasn't even 5 hours and I ruined another pair of pants because of my mess. Should I have someone check me out

I have been having the same exact problem. ive talked to my doctors and I went to the hospital had test and what not done, but cant figure out why its going on. they couldn't even tell me why I have been bleeding like this and its now been going on for 5 1/2months I cant figure out why and id really like to know im sick of this its ridiculous they don't even try to help but I started to get a sharp pain in my stomach that gets so badi cant even get out of bed and go to work or it takes me a while to get to my daughter in the middle of the night because I hurt so bad.

I completely sympathise! I had a similar thing happen and it turned out the pill I was on (loestrine 20) had started to fail in some way. My gynae upped it to 30 and it was back to normal. I'm now off all contraception as if I want help in my area for fertility I need to of been trying for 2 years! I hope you start to feel better soon. X x x

Hi Pixie,

I am experiencing a very similar thing. What ended up happening/working with you? Thanks.

This happens to me every month I was told it's normal. At the beginning of my period it's light brown and ag the end that's how I know I'm starting and about to finish my period. Also the red clumps is the blood type stuff shedding. If you really are concerned maybe speak with a doctor to double check or get some medication to help the pain.

I got a question i have been bleeding a bright red for a month i could use only one pad a day now as of yesterday i have been bleeding real heavy with blood clots i have two largo cyst on my left ovary and i dint have a monthly for al most three months can someone help me

Hi, I'm having the same issue except I'm a virgin and I don't take any pills or anything like that, what do I do?

Hi everyone,

I need advice I have been for 8 weeks and 57 days and i just started back bleeding today and I am freaking out and I had got advice from someone who's has experience fybriod and I'm too young to be experiencing fybriod at my age and I'm worrying I might be pregnant at my young age I dont smoke or drink and I need a advice and also my cycle is irregular and I have been bleeding on and off

You need to see your GP to check if you are pregnant or not, and to tell them about the bleeding. If you can't get an appointment go to a drop in centre as you don't need appointments there. Big hugs xxxxx

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