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Lap over


Wanted to give an update. I had my lap yesterday, went down at 10am and was back on the ward for 2pm. They didn't find any endo but did discover to everyone's shocks a large cyst of 6cm hiding on my left ovary. This has now been sent off for testing which ive been told is standard procedure. I've had to stay in overnight as my obs are up and down due to being in surgery so long and I'm on oxygen to help shift The aesthetic out my system. The pain is awful, period cramps, pressure and stabbing not to mention the gas and shoulder pain. I'll hopefully be out today at some point.

I just wanted to say listen to your body ladies. I began to think I was going mad and if I'd made the right option of paying to go private. THANK GOD I did. I am SO happy I persisted and will hopefully have a pain free future.

Thank you to all those who helped on previous post. I hope you all get the answers your looking for. Xx

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I was the same as you. The doctors didn’t believe me but I knew I couldn’t of made this pain up it was unbearable. There has been multiple times when the pain hits the unbearable point I just cry because it’s so sore to even breath. I knew my body well enough to know what I was feeling there was no way it was my imagination. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19 but knew I had it at 16. Then when I started to dig about the internet (I know doctors tell you not to do that) but when your waiting 10 years for them to do something of course your going to try & help yourself that’s how I came across women taking about endo which the doctors told me I couldn’t have it & I have now been diagnosed with endo on Oct 2nd this year but I had already realised these symptoms other women with endo described was the symptoms I was having, they also said it took them years to be diagnosed with it. It took me 10 years to be noticed by docs because no one wanted to help me or believe me so I had to go private I then realised money talks. This doctor took me seriously for the first time ever I was being treated like someone who actually needed to be helped by docs not turned away & put on all sorts of tablets like normal when I see docs. I then had my lap in Oct & they found endo I’m so happy they found my answer but the pain is still there. I had people/doctors saying it was in my head & now I know it’s not it was real! Which is great because now when people ask you have a name for it not just I don’t know & the doctors don’t know. Sorry for the long reply good luck with your recovery xx


I'm really pleased to hear you've got your answers and good on you for sticking by your guns and getting sorted. I feel the same, robbed off by Drs that it got to the point where they did all they could then it was a case of 'managing the pain I got told. That was the final straw for me.

Thank you for taking the time out to respond x


Believe me I know what docs are like the said the same to me we will “manage” your pain meanwhile I’m thinking so I’m just going to be left just to “manage” living with this pain I don’t think they get how bad the pain can actually be. I’m still in a lot of pain but now I have a name which is the best feeling ever! Now I have proved all the docs who said it was in my head wrong it feels amazing 😀 cause now I’m like I did say this but no one wanted to listen to me. I was pasted around multiple docs then it came down to the kidney specialist & gyne. Gyne has no interest in helping me at all they where like it’s the kidney people’s problem they wouldn’t even hear me out. Eventually after multiple times going to kidney & gyne docs the kidney specialist sent me for a CAT scan & MRI & told me the pain isn’t coming from your kidneys so back to gyne I went & they weren’t happy still blaming kidneys doc. After seeing that gyne she didn’t help at all sent me back to my GP saying not her problem. Then I went on google & found an amazing surgeon, I know it sounds really dodge 😂 but he specialised in PCOS & endo which I now have been diagnosed with both but thanks to him for helping me. I have a name for some of the pain. I hope you feel better soon xx


Hope you don’t mind me asking - Did your cyst show up on ultrasound or was it just found? Glad everything went well and I hope your recovery is smooth x


Hi mcmbx,

No it didn't show up on the ultrasound. When the surgeon showed me the pics it was hidden under something and my bowel and bladder were close to it. I think that was one of the reasons we were all so shocked as they normally show on ultrasounds, not to mention the size of it, how on earth it was missed by 3 separate people is beyond me but just happy and glad it's been found and removed and hopefully all over now x


Oh my god! That must be like a 1 in a million cyst 😱 at least it’s gone now! 3 people missed it though, it must’ve been hidden so well 😧 x


Honestly to say it was a big cyst at 6cm I have no idea how it was missed but im guessing because it was so big it took over my whole ovary and disguised itself amongstmy other organs. I'm just glad it's over with now. Xx



I’m pleased you finally have answers and that it went well. With the shoulder pain keep moving your shoulders about that will help move the gas. Drinking lots of fluid should help as well but will make you pee a lot but will get you up and moving which will help.



Hey Lou887,

Thanks for the advice on the shoulder pain. It doesn't seem to be as bad now. Hope your ok xx



Glad it’s not too bad now. How is the pain in general? I’m good thank you back at work now still getting tired very quickly. Seeing my consultant about my lap as want some answers so hopefully will get then. Hope your recovery is going well xx


The pain isn't too bad but I am keeping on top of my meds. I feel very bruised and a little stabbing on my left where they removed the cyst more than anything. Its nothing like the extreeme pain inwas in for months before so im super happy. Ive got plasters where the stiches are and they are beginning to sting/itch and i feel a pulling sensation......is that normal? What did you do with your wounds as i dont know if i should clean them when plasters come off?

How are you finding work other than being tired? Have you recovered well? I find myself sleeping alot so im glad to hear someone else is alot tired. Hope your appt with the consultant goes well and you get the answers you want lovely xxx


I took my dressings off the day after my surgery and cleaned. With my belly button I cleaned it gently with warm water and then dried it with my hairdryer with cold air. My belly button is a bit sore today but think that’s because the stitches are going so it’s tightening up. It’s where your body is healing.

Work hasn’t been too bad but I work from home so I’m quite lucky I can’t do a full day as such so take more breaks than normal and try and get some air. Yeah I seem to have done just need to remember to take it easy lol.

Appointment with consultant went well, they confirmed I had endo and it has been removed. Told me that my ovaries and tubes are all clear which I’m relieved about. I have been discharged from my consultant and a letter will be sent to my dr. How are you feeling today? Xxx


I've felt crappy today which is annoying as I had a good day yesterday and felt I'd made really good progress. I guess everyday is going to be different.

Think I'll have a go at cleaning mine tomorrow as my belly button is looking yacky.

Really pleased for you with the results from your consultant. You can breathe a sigh of relief and concentrate on getting better. Take it easy xxx


Yeah you will have good days and bad days your body will soon tell you when it’s had enough.

My belly button is still weeping now but it’s clear liquid, but according to the nurse, consultant that’s normal it’s your bodies way of healing itself although it’s not very pleasant. I found using a cotton bud easier to clean it as you can do it gently so to speak.

Hope you feel better tomorrow xxx


Ah yeah good idea. I'll try that. It sounds so attractive 😂 I feel like such a disgusting mess.

Yes i guess your right. Even my hubby said i look like really drained when he got in from work. Fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day.

It's really good to be able to talk to someone else who is going through same thing so thank you x


Oh yes the weeping belly button is really attractive lol 🤣. Awww don’t put yourself down your healing it’s normal once you take the dressings off you will feel better. I have only just this week started leaving the one off my belly button the others have been off about a week as they are healed so to speak.

I think it was day 6 I started to feel myself to a degree and getting out more. Just get hubby to wait on you hand and foot 😂

Your welcome and thank you as well. If you need to ask me anything just give me a shout xx


❤ thank you and same to you too. You take care of yourself. X


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