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Periods after lap/dye test with ovarian drilling and endometriosis?

Hello I had a lap/dye test and ovarian drilling just over a week ago due to having pcos and clomid not being successful when having the procedure they also found endometriosis which they have removed! My question is I haven’t had much bleeding since the op and now just wondering how long it was till people had a period if any? As the plan is to go back into clomid but not sure whether I’ll have a period myself or need to take provera again like in past months?

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Hi I had a lap n dye and my fertility doctor also found endometriosis in pod which was removed.

I don’t have pco so I can’t comment on that side.

My period arrived bang on day 28 after my surgery and I conceived that month! Unfortunately I lost the baby at 4 and a half weeks pregnant and since then my endo symptoms have returned- after a scan my fertility doctor referred me to his colleague a general gynae.

I cant comment on the periods since as I had a miscarriage.

But my first period after the lap was fine not too heavy and pain was manageable. Compared how they were heaven!

All the best I hope you get happy news soon xoxo



Thank you,

Am sorry to hear that, I don’t usually have periods naturally due to the pcos so I’m more unsure to whether I will now after the op or still need medication to bring one on so that I can continue with clomid?

How long has it been before the endometriosis returned?


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Thank you.

My consultant thought I had pco and offered to drill them ( clonid didn’t agree with me) and if I had pco he would’ve done and that means I would not need clomid. He said it lasts 6-9 months. Hopefully you will have regular periods now 😘

I don’t know for certain it is back but I have many issues that I had prior to the lap- my gp think it’s endo. But officially I haven’t been diagnosed with endo back- I’m seeing a general gynae next Monday to discuss my symptoms- my fertility doctor now only practices fertility. I’ll let you know what she says. If if is back it came back within a month but that might be due to the miscarriage. Endo loves hormone changes!

Keeping everything crossed for you xoxo

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Hi. I had laparoscopy and ovarian drilling at the start of November due to being diagnosed with pcos. Prior to having this done I had three months of clomid which I which I didn’t respond to. I also had one month of letryzole which did appear to work however a slightly longer cycle with a positive ovulation test on day 21 and a period on day 35. The letryzole was stopped due to the date for the drilling. Following the op I had a positive ovulation result on day 21 and a period on day 35 (counting the op as day 1).I am currently on day 32 so hoping I get a period or ideally a positive pregnancy test in the next few days. However I have not had a positive result on the ovulation tests this month (I am aware doctors advise ladies with pcos not to use these due to our hormones playing havoc with them). Prior to the op since coming off the pill in March 2016 I only had periods following provera. Consultant asked me to go for blood work on my 3rd cycle after operation so hoping this does come if not it’s back to the doctors in March to be put back on clomid (apparently we respond better to this after drilling). Wishing you all the best x

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Hello thanks for your reply, I struggle with the days/dates of cycles as haven’t had a natural period for many years now, I am going to be giving the clomid another go after having the op so am thinking the best thing will be to wait a good few weeks and see if anything happens naturally and then if not it will be back onto the provera so I can Start the clomid.

Good to hear you had a natural bleed after the op though that’s what ideally I’m hoping for and also that my hormones balance out abit too that alone would be fab and then amazing if the clomid actually gets working too xx

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Hello just to say I realised my numbers were all wrong in my response with the dates so I have updated these so it might make a bit more sense 😀. My hormones seem to have balanced out in respect of my skin as this has been a complete nightmare since coming off the pill. It isn’t perfect now but a lot less angry. I am also taking infolic on the recommendation of my consultant (unfortunately not available on the nhs) so this may be worth looking into . Xx


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