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Endo flare up - triggers?

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Does anyone know if a gastrointestinal infection can trigger an endo flare up? I was sick with vomiting (sorry tmi) and felt better. Now I'm in a lot of pain and I was thinking that the infection triggered an endo flare up? Is it possible? I'm just after my period (taking COC). I'm trying to find the causes for pain other than periods (the pain is usually Worse before and during periods/ second part of cycle. sometimes a couple of days after period) I'm going back to my gyn in december to discuss the next step since I'm still in pain despite taking OC and naproxen. I don't know if endometriosis is the reason for my pain but I would really like to find the cause. This is affecting my life a lot.

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It happened to me, I think t might have to do with a fused bowel and uterus b/c if that gets inflamed then everything else gets inflamed.

If it's right after your period you could be ovulating and it could cause that.

My periods started with diahrria and feeling like I got the flu and then they got painful so it could be that.

I hope you feel better soon:)

Drink lots of water, tea with honey and lemon, electrolytes, put a heating pad on your low back.

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Thank you for Your reply 😊 It's good to read other people's experiences!

Thank you! I will do so😊

I don't know, but often I can't tell the difference between endo pain and IBS pain.

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Maybe this is the cause but it's hard to know. Where are your endo pain/IBS pain located? Do you have pain in the lower back Connected with IBS pain?

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It's mostly in my lower left side, but there is some in my lower right occasionally. I know I have endo there, but also lots of gastrointestinal pain. I do get lots of lower back pain with my period. I also get lots of rectal pain with bowel movements during my period.

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