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Temperature during Endo flare

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Hi all,

I am hoping that someone is awake and more knowledgeable than me about this. Today my flare up has well and truly arrived, I have had a worse build up in respect of migraines disturbing vision, nausea and muscular pain from my neck all down my back and now tonight the pain is really awful, I can't even thinxxk of taking pain killers because of the sickness, and I have a temperature of 38.5! Is this something that is considered normal in other people? I feel like each month I'm getting worse and worse when my period is due with a new lovely symptom to Contend with 🙄 if anyone.can help I'd really really appreciate it! Xx

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My temp has always been raised when I'm having a period and/or flare up - I've always just assumed it's the hormones!

I spent the night in sweats and chills, hugging the toilet and I'm having more pain by my kidneys than usual so I'm going to make sure there are no UTI's today. Xx

It’s crazy how similar endo symptoms are to perimenopause xx

Hi! I think temperature raises have definitely happened to me sometimes but I do remember once thinking it was a normal flare up and then turned out to be a kidney infection and I ended up in hospital so definitely do get checked out if your temp doesn't go down and you have kidney pain!

It's so horrible, the pain along with the flare up I was having anyway. I've got some antibiotics now, so I'm just giving them today to see if it helps and then I think I may go to A+E over the weekend if the temperature and sickness doesn't calm down. Did you have antibiotics before ending up in hospital? Xx

Yeah, I did! But I don't think they were strong enough because it had already progressed pretty far. I ended up having to get antibiotics through IV and be monitored for a bit but then I recovered pretty quickly so it wasn't too bad in the end. I hope the antibiotics work for you and you are feeling better shortly.xx

Thank you, I do hope these antibiotics work, I don't like the idea of being in hospital during COVID xx

Firstly, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through all these symptoms. In regards to the temperature, I’ve also been getting them for the past three cycles lasting 2-3 days. I find paracetamol and ibuprofen helps with the temperature. I also have endometriosis and I’m not sure what the temperature thing is about.

Thank you, I feel like it's just getting worse and worse and the lap is not going to be until next may and I can't even begin to think how bad I could possibly get by then, I'm finding I'm having a sore throat from being sick too which just adds to the kick in the teeth of this flare up lol xx

Aw bless you. It might be worth asking the gp for antiemetics which might help with the nausea and vomiting.

That's a really good idea! I'll ask them today to see if they can give me some of that! Thank you for your help 😊 I appreciate it xx

I have had this definitely. I think it is just your body trying to cope. xx

Our bodies are pretty amazing considering what they go through to survive these flare ups! Xx

My temperature goes through the roof during my flare ups too, particularly through the night. I often wake up in hot sweats and terrible pain. My temperature spikes also during my period and always has done.Paracetamol brings my temperature down a bit.

You poor ladies , I had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed 3 years ago , I remember very well what we go through, I got to the stage where no pain relief worked .

It's awful, I'm currently on morphine now when the flare is bad and even that only just takes off the edge. I hope that you have been better since? Xx

Yes so far I'm ok still going through menopause, I'm trying to loose weight as I soon gained it . Not in pain , dont have spear test any more as they take everything out that the endometriosis was stuck to apart from my bowel and bladder but a least I can go to the loo my properly now. Hope you get better soon .

Hi there. I see that you wrote this a day ago, so am hoping this finds you having had some relief. I've just had a rough few days and threw up several times yesterday. I find that the pain levels do drive up my temperature and sometimes try using a cold flannel on my forehead to try and calm it down. I also couldn't take any more painkillers yesterday as I would have brought them all back up. It's all pretty exhausting isn't it? You've had some good replies here, but the thing I will mention is food. I'm trying to remember what I've eaten in the last few days, as I sometimes find certain foods make things worse for me. I'm also contemplating going back on to an anti-candida diet for a bit, as this seemed to help with various issues in the past. This means cutting out any foods with hidden or added sugars, amongst other things and taking some good probiotics (I think probiotics are worthwhile taking after a course of antibiotics to replenish your gut bacteria). I'm finding it hard to get my head around going back on the diet at the moment, as I've been enjoying some treats, but the daft thing is I know from my past experience that I soon adapt to the healthier diet and feel better for it. Other thing... do you have a tens machine? My tens machine is definitely helpful most of the time. I hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, I hope you get some rest. xx

Thank you for this, I'm going to look into this diet, I will try anything, although the last couple days I can barely stomach anything that's not toast. I've switched to wholemeal which I feel has helped alot and I am having these gut yoghurt things too so hopefully that helps! I agree it's exhausting, trying to just get through the day and act like a relatively normal person thats not in excruciating pain is tiring in itself I find. Do you find when your sick you get a sore throat afterwards? X x

Hi there,How has your week been? Hope you've had some better days. It sounds like the candida diet might well help you. There are questionnaires out there to help you decide and there are slightly different versions of the diet. I didn't do an extreme one, as I heard that people that do it to the extreme can end up with other gut issues, but sticking to veg, salads and keeping away from sugar, processed foods and a few other things and I did reap the benefits. Some people just do the diet for 3-6 months and find that it does the job. If you research it a bit though, you'll find that probiotics can really help as they replenish your gut bacteria. It's never a nice thing being sick and I find it takes a day to get my mouth and throat feeling ok again, but I don't get an overly sore throat. It does take me a while to feel anything like normal again though, as I struggle with energy levels after so much pain. I hope this finds you having a better week xx

I am so sorry you are going through this. This week is also a bad flare up for me so I can feel you on that one. I have thrown up every day this week can't keep food down!! But I have been prescribed some anti-sickness meds which maybe you could look into and also some stronger pain medication? I am also reaching out to see if this is normal! I have never felt so sick in my life. Do you know what causes this sickness?

It's horrible isn't it. I can't get my head around how sick I feel and how each month I seem to just feel worse. I honestly felt like I was going to die when I wrote this post and was hoping people would tell me if was normal and from the response it does seem like it's actually pretty normal to have the increased temperatures xx

Are you feeling any better now lovely? Xx

The pain by my kidneys seems to have calmed down since.taking the antibiotics thankfully! Just usual Endo style pain to deal with now. Thank you ❤️

hi i am so sorry the hell your going through, i have had several flare ups and i have hot flushes through the night, the pain knocks me physically sick leaving me exhausted.my lap isn't till next April. I hope your pain heals and your feeling better.xx

It's awful! I'm coming out the other end now thankfully, feeling like my insides are bruised and battered! Good luck for your lap next year! Mine is in May. Lets hope that time flies ☺️ xx

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