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Endo belly bloating and wobbly skin?

Hi all, I've been suffering with endo affecting my digestion for a couple of months now but there is one thing that keeps baffling me. 

I eat healthy and recently i've even started the endo diet and i exercise 4 times a week sometimes 5 mostly strength training as i find it helps ease my cramps and my stomach has always been fairly firm.

My stomach bloats up a lot if i have an endo flare up or after eating which i'm used to and occurs usually 2 weeks before my period is due and right through my period but once the bloating goes away my lower belly skin goes all wobbly. It's almost like touching a water bed and even ripples! I don't understand why because when i weigh myself i haven't gained any weight. It isn't very important but it just confuses me.

Does anyone else experience this? 

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I get the swelling too and I panick that I'm getting fat lol. I've wrinkly skin from pregnancy anyway so can't advise there. I do crossfit 3-4 times a week and that makes me feel good . It's so annoying isn't it. Just not fair!


Same haha it's horrible! Yeah i'm thinking it's due to the inflammation and maybe water retention as i am due my period this week and i seem to get it in my arms and thighs as well but i don't understand how my stomach can feel normal then suddenly very squishy!


Yeah it must be fluid . My stomach is swollen now and it looks like I'm pregnant. :-(


I've noticed a similar thing - I thought it had to with getting older but looking back, I realise that it started to develop when my endo and adeno worsened. It think it has to do with constant inflammation and the water retention. It doesn't really 'explain' it but seems to correlate. Either way, I hate it.


Yeah it's the only thing i can think of. It doesn't seem right in the sense that it seems strange for your skin to change like that but yeah your right they're the only things that seem to correlate.


The only thing that keeps me sane is that my weight doesn't seem to change, bar when I'm really retaining water!


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