Pain - Legs ?

I have been in pain pretty much every single day for the past 6 weeks since it was apparent there was a problem, that looks like endo - I have a drs appointment in just over a week in which I'm going to try and beg my dr for a lap to diagnose. But other than the pain in my stomach, predominantly on my left side, starting on my right and my pelvis. I keep getting shooting pain in my leg - not consistently, but enough for me to need to sit down, not just at my thigh but in my calf also, the other day it was so bad even putting my foot on the ground was agonising. This came directly after some of the more painful pains - wording there! - I have had in my stomach. I'm kind of confused to what is going on. I'm only 20, not as active as I was (going to the gym every day) four months ago but I'm pretty sure its nothing to do with that, or that my body is struggling in regards to that. Because the days I can make it out the door to university I am walking around. It isn't as if I have put on weight. Before getting sick and then this potential endo I was a size 8/10 and now due to appetite change and guess all this health problems that keep coming in my path I've gone down to a 6. So could the pain been related to endo or is it the case of something else is going on. I've kinda got to the point of depression with everything because going from mumps,glandular fever and then the random bleeding, stomach pains,headaches, leg pains anything else on top is just going to finish me off. Need my body to give me a break!

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  • Hi do get lower back pain with it?

  • Not at the same time but I have back ache but I'm just assuming that comes with well all the other aches and pains I seem to be getting :(

  • I only ask because endo on the uterosacral ligaments can cause lower back pain that radiates to hips and down legs.

  • Thank you. Well hoping that my dr will be a little more helpful when i see him next, sick of feeling rubbish all the time. Starting to really bring me down.

  • My 10cm endometrioma gave me a constant pain in my foot, as well as off/on leg pain, pain in the back and abdomen. So it is perfectly possible it's the endo. My gyne said it must be pressing on a nerve.

  • I'm still waiting for my Dr to more than clinically diagnose me but the pains been consistent with a few days of remote normality for well almost two months now with pressure points in my stomach that feel like small little lumps everywhere. I'm just hoping that the drs figure it out i'm in my third year at uni and well, really struggling battling with my health at the moment ! :( Thankyou x

  • I have my fingers crossed they diagnose and treat you appropriately! Keep battling if you still don't feel right - that's what I learnt from all this, request referrals and be robust.

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