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left kidney pain and sharp pain down my left thigh this is endo? does anyone else get this?

Hi I have been getting a lot of kidney pains but all my blood test and urine have come bc normal. I have recently got these sharp pains going down my left thigh it felt like my vain was going to burst, it was burning and felt very difficult to walk on or hold my left side of my body. Am struggling to walk now and my leg is in a lot of pain and sore. I get dizzy hot and start sweating a lot I also feel nausea. This pain is unbelievable now and I can't handle it every part of my left tummy side is tender. Is this endo or could it be something else? my gyn thinks its not endo x

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Sounds like a kidney stone on the move...get to A&E for an urgent x-ray on the Kidneys to check for signs of kidney stones. They are excrutiatingly painful when they get going, even a small stone about the size of a lentil has to squash through a tube the side of a tear duct in the eye, so it hurts like hell.

If you think it might be that, then theres only one thing to do, aside from hospital, and that is to over drink water, force yourself to drink drink drink, it should help flush the beast in to the bladder and flush out any potential infections too.

The main pain occurs when the stone breaks off and starts moving from the kidney to the bladder ..it is less painful getting from the bladder to the toilet or jug (if you are traying to catch it). This procedure can last days or weeks even,

Definitely require full strength pain relief (morphine sort.)

You can have a kidney stone and not show any signs of infection- or it can damage the ureter on the way down and get infected afterwards- antibiotics for that stage.

I've had them a number of times and been hospitalised each time. Several members of my family have had them (it's often a genetic predisposition to not processing calcium properly)

I can't say that I remember my legs being sore too, but the pain from the kidneys was off the scale painful being so close to the spine these nerves sending pain signals go ballistic.

This can be a medical emergency simply because there is no way on earth a GP or you at home can manage the pain levels of a kidney stone on the move. The risk of going in to shock is high.

Please call an ambulance if you cannot get anyone to get you to A&E.

Don't try and drive yourself.

It is unlikely to be endo and with there not being any signs of infection or elevated white cell counts in the blood it really points to a stone on the move as the next and most likely possibility.

Of course it could be something else too, but that's for hosp to find out, meantime you certainly do need to be checked for kidney stones. Good luck getting seen to quickly MonJon.

p.s. the pain of kidney stones is the kind that makes you vomit because it is so intense.

it's one of the most painful things a human body experiences 10/10 pain scale.

Hugs to you and hope you get help asap.


Definitely not a kidney stone. I've had kidney stone six times and there was never any shooting pain down my leg


Hi i have the same pain as you describe running from kidneys and down left leg. I have had all the scans and lap and they confirmed i have a small amount of endo which they lazered and promiced i would be pain free, i accept i must have endo but i really dont think its causing the pain we have. After hours of research on google i have spoken to my doctor who now thinks i may have pelvic congestion syndrome, i suggest you look it up on google. Basically its like varicus veins but in your pelvis and runs from your kidney down left hand side. I am demanding to see specialist but not getting very far as neither doc or hosp have much knoledge of it. Please look it up and let me no what you think thx.


I had similar issue they did scans on kidneys found nothing,scans on back found nothing then after months of physio thinking it was spine discs issues, I happened to be chatting to someone in my local who used to play football a lot, he told me there is a muscle that runs from round the base of the back goes round the kidney and down the leg via the groin area, apparently its quite easy to tear this muscle and it gives the symptom of kidney stones, i went to my doctor he told me its quite common!! (yet no one diagnosed it). I am awaiting a MRI scan now to see what needs doing. I have found attending Pilates once a week is relieving it temporary as they have given me a specific muscle stretching exercise while i await the scan.Suggest this issues to your doc and maybe go to a pilates class for a bit while you await an outcome.


For years I was told that I have weak kidneys after I had an incredibly bad kidney infection as a young child. Time and time again I would go and see my GP and they would tell me in was another infection! Until I went to see a different doctor and he told me that the majority of my previous urine samples had not highlighted a rise in ammonia which would indicate that I actually wasn't having kidney infections. Instead he suggested that I have stress induced IBS which causes me to be very ill. Maybe it isn't your kidneys and it's somewhere like your bowel or part of your digestive system instead?


Hi have both endo and rare kidney disease so I get kidney stones a lot! I'm having the exact same pain from right kidney down my right leg and its hard to tell ATM if it's my kidney or endo. Everytime I go to hospital they are never sure what one it is either. Kidney stones don't always show up on ultrasound the best scan to have is a ct but they won't give me anymore as I'm only 23 and had 4 last year. It's so hard to tell think I'll give it another day and see but docs is a good call 



I have had same problem for last 7 months, had every test available.

Still in pain, got sent to a pelvic floor specialist and she works internally and it is working, ur pelvic floor is huge muscle then runs up ur back all under ur under carriage and stomach, it give u leg pain, stomach pain.

I have got better and she sent me to a chiro to have some work on my piriformis and sciatic nerve and it was miraculous.//i was better within two weeks

So all the test and pain and being told it was kidney and endo and having a colonoscopy and lap and it was basically pelvic pain and sciatic and hip pain... so b careful not to let dr jump to conclusions


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