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Endo pains after eating


Hi all,

I've mentioned about endo and digestive issues in the past but recently I've been experiencing some bizarre pains.

After eating especially large meals I'll get sharpish pains across my upper and lower stomach/above my pubic bone which radiates down my left leg. Does anyone else experience this? Is it digestive or endo related?

Also when my bladder is full I get sharp pain/aches and I have to run the loo but it disappears once my bladder is empty. In a previous laparoscopy they found endo on my bladder and lasered it away, could it be back or possible scar tissue?

I feel at a loss as when i try to ask a doctor about this I feel like they're just trying to rush me out the door and I'm jut being a nusience.

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You need to ask your GP for a referral to your local Endo Clinic, it sounds like your Endo has returned, as in you need further Excision. It's normal for it to return (in most cases) the pain you describe is similar to my own and I have Endo on the Bowel. The abdomen and leg pain for me personally are consistent with Endometriomas (cysts) xx

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I've also developed GERD your pain very possibly could be indigestion type pain across the top of the abdomen, if it balls up in your back too you could try Ranitidine (it's available in most supermarkets, I get mine in m'sons in a blue box) xx

Hey, this does sound Endo related. I spent the last four years going to gastroenterology as well as gynae and they never could figure out what was causing the issue. At one point was misdiagnosed with crohns! Also been diagnosed with gerd, ibs etc etc. I had episodes of losing weight very quickly, diarrhea, constipation, upper gi pain left and right sides. I had to cut a lot of food out of my diet, at times could only have soup. They were about to remove my gall bladder...

What saved me from having that unnecessary surgery was pure fluke - I was tracking my symptoms etc alongside my temp trying to get preg, realised I only had the extreme upper gi pain in and around when I was bleeding. Then when I fell pregnant the symptoms disappeared - I can now eat dairy and red meat ... Turning into a cow in pregnancy lol Anyhow I presented my docs with this info and they believe I had/have Endo on gallbladder and either diaphragm or ileum. It's dormant at the moment but after preg/feeding they'll probably have to do something about it again... I also had Endo on my bladder and experienced the same symptoms as you.

Excision surgery is better than laser so make sure you have that and at an Endo centre too.

Get tracking your symptoms to see if there is a correlation with bleeding and digestive trouble. I used a pink highlighter to highlight any time i bled during the month and green for any time I had upper gi pain. Very easy to see visually then.

Good luck! X

Sounds like endo to me. At the moment I'm having almost exactly the same symptoms, but completely at a loss - I had a lap about four weeks ago and they found absolutely nothing. Doctors still think it's endo but they say they can't fix it if they can't see it.

Did they check your bowel? I've heard sometimes they miss this and that can affect digestion a lot!

I asked them to before the op, but still haven't had a post op follow-up and so don't really know much about what was done! Doctor came to talk to me straight afterwards when I was still loopy from the anaesthetic and I don't remember a thing. Hoping I'll get some answers at my next appointment.

Thinking of you though, really hope the doctors can give you some relief x

Thanks for the replies everyone it's very reassuring to know I'm not alone although I really wish we didn't have to suffer like this!

I have an appointment in April with my gynea but I'm doubtful if he will investigate further as my pain has improved since prostap but frpm what you guys are saying its most probably come back as I've had an awful day today with cramps, shaking and being sick.

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