Nerve pain? Groin/legs/lower back/hips???


Does anyone experience bad groin pain? I keep getting varying pain from quick sharp pains to a nagging ache in my right groin. This then goes into my leg and I also have a continuous achey pain in my lower back and sides (hips) is this common and does anyone else have it? Just wondering if anyone knows what causes it because it feels almost like a pinched nerve affecting my groin - I know the femoral nerve runs through there someone and also sciatic nerve can cause pain, just wondered if endo can cause trapped nerve pains? 

The groin ache is the worst pain for me at the moment, accompanied by a near constant lower back ache :( 

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  • I don't know if endo can cause trapped nerves, but I know for sure endo causes this kind of pain, I have it too. Was ok for 5 weeks after lap but back again now. Don't know if anything can be done about it :/ 

  • Thank you, I just didn't know if endo could attach itself to nerves or anything. Do you find yours is almost a sharp pain/ache in your groin which travels down to your leg? The back pain is near enough a burning ache all the time though. I just get worried when it's all going on at once. X

  • I'm going through that now & was convinced I had a blood clot until my doctor said I burst an ovarian cyst & the extra fluid has irritated all the nerve endings in my lower back to cause leg & shoulder issues too.

  • Hey, yes I get this a lot. I always used to think I was getting sciatica or arthritis which seemed really odd but it's definitely a side effect of endometriosis. Ibuprofen helps or if it comes and goes, I find it helps to walk it off a bit like you would with cramp. Take care. X 

  • Thank you for your reply and advice. I just became worried because the groin discomfort is so bad, I worried that maybe endo has irritated the nerves or something or maybe because ovaries are just above groin I actually feel the pain there from radiating as opposed to in my actual ovary. It's all a bit confusing and drives me mad with anxiety! Do you also get bad constant back pain? Mine is almost like growing pains some days spreading to my hips :( xx

  • Yes, I definitely get lower back pain too which isn't actually back pain, it's pain within your pelvis but shows itself as back pain and makes you want to lie down or bent over when you're walking. I know exactly what you mean, the anxiety is horrid. I had a panic attack the other day when the pain was starting and my hip started getting clicky. Think it was my bodies way of saying it was scared of the pain. You have all of my sympathy on this, do you have a gynaecologist you can see? I'm seeing mine about it tomorrow. Xx

  • It's so funny you say that about the back pain, I often find myself bending forward to touch my toes for relief - which made me think it was muscular because I'm much stiffer than I was before my onset of symptoms! Probably doesn't help with all the tensing up and sitting down! But it almost felt like just a bad back muscle! My anxiety is awful, I'm someone who has to have a correct diagnosis or reason for pain or I go crazy with worry! Sounds silly I know! I've had non stop IBS symptoms and heartburn for past couple of days through anxiety attacks! Sorry to hear you get them too! I'm seeing a gyno tomorrow for the first time so hoping he can help me out and put my mind at ease a bit. I've been in near daily pain for about 4/5 weeks now with it getting worse the past two weeks since I finished my last period! Hard to tell when it's related to my cycle because I'm on the pill which stops you from ovulating and stuff. I'm sorry that you suffer with the pains and anxiety too- anxiety is bad enough on its own! Xx

  • It helped me a lot to see a physio who put together pilates routine for me - these are very simple exercises but the fluid, calm moves and focus on breathing really calms me down - so helps with pain too, I found those two are strongly correlated in my case.  

  • I thought it was just me!  Is the anxiety hormone related or a specific Endo symptom?  

  • Aw bless you, that was all written like I had written it myself. We are very similar. I've found keeping a daily diary really helpful to understand my symptoms and to be really honest about how I feel in terms of mental and physical feelings. Good luck tomorrow, don't let them rush you, make sure you talk about everything and take a list of your symptoms so you don't forget to tell them anything. Let me know how you get on tomorrow. Oh and by the way, deep heat patches are excellent for the lower tummy and back pain. The ones that stick on so you can have them on under your top. Xx

  • Thank you so much! I'll be sure to explain everything to him. I may make some notes now on when all the pains began and stuff. I'd experienced pain during sex and bleeding after and some nasty periods before but always blamed the pill or just being a woman haha! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow! Let me know how it goes for you. Xx

  • Yeah it's very easy to dismiss it as just being a woman thing! I did that for years. Take it easy on yourself and I look forward to hearing how you get on. X

  • Hi, I hope you're well today! 

    I had a smear done and the gyno has referred me for a laparoscopy. She didn't really say much about endometriosis and I asked if it sounded like it could be and she seemed unsure that it did! Based on the symptoms though I have a feeling it could be compared with other people's responses and symptoms, perhaps she is one of the 'only heavy painful periods' type of people, who knows! Will wait and see in 6-8 weeks!! X

  • Yay, well done for persevering! Keep a diary so you can track changes throughout the month which helps you but you can also tell the consultant when you get to the laparoscopy. Let me know how you get on. I've got my next one on Monday, hope it's not too bad. X

  • Thank you! I will do. I'm in a bit of discomfort now but that's down to the smear and stuff mostly I think! Being prodded about! I don't think she's an expert with endo to be honest but all will come clear! Ahhhh good luck!! Hope it goes well for you, let me know x

  • I get bad back pains and pain down my right leg. It feels as if it starts right in my hip and then runs down the thigh.

    Sometimes I get a lot of flatulence as well and then it seems as if the pressure from the hip has been released and pain suddenly becomes less severe.

    Massage, putting a bit of pressure sometimes helps. And up to a certain point walking too.

    I keep water, paracetamol and co-codamol by my bed as very often pain would wake me up at night. And I won't get comfortable.

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