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Pain blamed on mirena coil but i'm not so sure

Hi all, so I posted the other day about Ibs and pelvic pain, here is the link in case this confuses anyone healthunlocked.com/endometr...

So I went to the doctors and explained everything again and i'm now being referred for an endoscopy to look inside my stomach to see what's going on however when I mentioned pelvic pains etc the doctor said it's just my body trying to have a period but because of the coil the most I get is a bit of bloody discharge.

Has anyone else had experience with this kind of thing with the coil? They wouldn't refer me to a specialist until I have the endoscopy...

The pelvic pain has been there now for 6 days and it's so painful and it's in my lower back, my stomach is swollen and everytime I go to wee I get a shooting pain in my lower belly. It just gets preogressively worse as the day goes on. It goes down my legs and into my hip but I only have paracetamol.

Seriously fed up.

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I get the same thing Rachymom, I was told by a gyn I saw yesterday (who I now realize is full of s***) that it was due to 'chronic pelvic pain' and IBS don't let these 2 diagnosis's fool you they both are endo but it tends or be the dr is too lazy to do anything.

I'm not sure if pushing to see a speacilsit will help since I pushed with the gyn yesterday for surgery having seen another who did I had endo before and he siad to come back in January after I try nerve cream.


I had the pain after 2 weeks of fitting it in. My doc kept telling me that it was my body trying to get used to it. I decided that no contraceptive is worth this much pain. Went emergency room and took it out. Now on hormone pill. No more pain. So I believe the pain was caused by mirena.


That is the pain i have always had with the endo... because i didnt bleed properly outside..i was bleeding more inside... have mirena in and the pain is a killer... last night was v bad... shooting stabbing pains... but that is totally what it feels like... period pain... i have been referred to 2 specialists... 1st was all about the money and didnt really give a shit.

The 2nd was the top endo specialist in N. Ireland, he made me feel at ease (a bit) waiting on mri so we can go further with it...xo


I had a mirena coil fitted and it was horrendous . I tried to keep it for almost three weeks until I was almost passing out with pain. Originally the doctor thought it was infected even though I didn't. In the end I got it removed and the pain went away instantly. Could be worth asking your doc/gyro about investigating if laser removal of any extra growths inside your womb and trying again might work?


Thanks all for replying, I thought I should just mention I've had the coil in since July now and I've had twinges of pain and aches but nothing like this before, the pain is similar to endo pain and the bloating. I also feel lethargic, headaches and nausea these are all symptoms of endo but also the coil, but I had my lap in July and thought it was the coil as endo wouldn't come back so soon but I read a lot about women suffering more after surgery sometimes? I just wish I could see what is happening inside my body!

I really wanted to try the coil as I was on the pill for many years. I mentioned removing it to my doctor but they said it takes 6 months property to settle and I should try and bear with it for now and now I am unsure what I should do??


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