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First lap nerves

How long it did take people to recover from lap? I am due my first laparoscopy on 4th jan and also a hysteroscopy and mirena cool fitted too.

I am due on 2 days after lap and so nervous for how much pain I will be in.

I do not want to take too much time off as I am a trainee and luckily they will be letting me work from home for the first few days of the next week.

Any advise or tips on pain relief would be amazing!

Thankful for the opportunity to get support from this group :)

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I had a diagnostic lap and mirena coil fitted it took me around 2 weeks to heal 😮 The coil should help with your period 😮


2 weeks is not too bad. I work in an office so hoping I can still come in. Did hot water bottles or anything else help with pains and healing?

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If you are not moving should be fine 😮 Hot water bottle helped and travel sickness bands helped for me because the nausea was bad 😮


Hey! It’s normal to be nervous for your first surgery.

I would at least take 2 weeks off as that was my time off before I had to go to uni (my procedure was exactly 2 weeks before the start date.)

Heating pads and rest are the way to go for pain. I also keep myself walking a few times a day to get everything moving.

I have posts from my first lap with day to day updates for two weeks on my page if you scroll down, that may give you an idea on what to expect.

You may be in a bit more pain due to having a hysteroscopy and coil but it depends on the person. Mine was just diagnostic and a small amount of endo was excised.

Good luck and feel free to message me with any questions. I’m currently recovering from my 3rd surgery since August so I have become a seasoned pro 😉


Thanks you so much for your reply. I have never had any procedure done before so the idea of surgery and general anaesthetic is scary! I’m sure it’ll all be fine but it’s not knowing what to expect.

I will have to get hold of some heat pads I reckon. I use a hot water bottle a lot but sometimes doesn’t really cut it.

I did think the laparoscopy would leave me in pain longer than the hysteroscopy but by reading and scrolling through posts it seems the hysteroscopy can leave you in pain and bleeding.

I’m hoping it doesn’t take me too long to heal as the next month I am due to commute to Birmingham from London area for work courses! Just feeling so nervous.

I am going to look on your page for the posts and have a nosey through.

Thank you for the advise and support :)

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