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What is the Endo diet??

I have been reading alot on here about people swearing by the endo diet and that it has really worked. what is it? What foods do you add to your diet? And what foods to you remove from your diet? I'm sorry i just want to make sure that i am doing everything i can possibly do my self to make sure that i know I'm trying my best to keep symptoms to a minimal. Thank you in advance

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Hi Diagnosis21, check this link out serrapeptase.info/Serrapept... this is what I've been following for the last two weeks and already there is a major difference in my symptoms - I am classed as having severe endometriosis, pain most days, and have had very little to no pain most days since taking these supplements and following the diet, hope it helps you as much as it has for me so far


Hi. I found the endo diet did help and it is basically cutting out certain foods and eating more of others. I got the Recipes for the Endometriosis Diet by Carolyn Levett. It gives a brilliant intro to how different foods are bad for endo and what helps. Some of the recipes are bland, but I change recipes to leave out the bad and to use the recommended ingredients instead.

The book tells you to completely leave out


processed salt and hi-salt products like bouillion

dairy products (I use almond milk instead)

wheat & rye

tea, coffee & alcohol

fried foods & hydrogenated fats

soy milks and products

manufactured meat products

food additives & preservatives, etc

Do eat more

whole grains, peas, beans, and pulses

seeds and nuts




I do recommend the book as it explains why certain foods irritate our pain and gives good substitutes. It is available on Amazon.

I started this diet about 8 months ago when I was in a really bad place and found within a month things had turned around. But I do spoil myself still!! Every so often I do let myself feed on the forbidden food!

Pain still exists but not as bad, and I feel in more control over my own body by doing everything I possibly can.

I hope this is helpful.



Hi thankyou very much we are going shopping tomorrow so will be able to plan around that and the link but it will be very difficult with certain foods as i have a toddler who eats what we eat. I am just trying to make sure that I'm doing everything i can ti help myself and become more healthy as at the moment im slightly under weight


Hi ,

I also am following the endo diet and feel it's helping me feel better in myself, I feel very healthy. I eating green smoothies too, check Kris Carr and cure endometriosis, with Melissa, web sites

go for it!

Jemma x

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Thankyou, with me having my son its become especially important for me to become healthy for his sake he needs his mummy


An endo diet involves eating fruits and vegetables. However, dairy food and red meat should be avoided.It is especially beneficial to drink green smoothies. The reason being is that it is easy to digest and gives plenty of energy.


Thankyou very much


I'm trying this diet as well. Have a gluten allergy so am avoiding that. However I am currently living in a place with great supermarkets and a wide variety of food but as of Jan looks like I'll be back in Asia where things aren't so easy. Good luck to all with the diet and I really found the Endo Angel Melissa website helpful too, it gives you a lift if you are having a bad day.


Thankyou I'm finding it really hard to do as i have an eating disorder and im really fussy with what i eat and when i eat it. All the meals i mainly eat are the fatty type or really starchy type meals. I also eat alot of bread. So to try and find different foods in the diet that i like is really difficult for me.


Im also a really picky eater and only eat the stuff you are supposed to cut out on the endo diet! So its not going very well at the moment but i really want to try make it work for me! If you like bread ive found that Genius gluten free bread tastes really good


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