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I'm not sure where to start. Or how to ask for help. I feel like I'm at the end of the road. I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago leaving my ovaries. My pain has come and gone but is worse this year. I can't take hormones as they make me sick (migraines). I'm just in the last months starting menopause or premi menopause and I have found a medication that is helping with the hot flashes. But the pain from my endo is pretty bad. I had tramadol some years ago, but I'm. Worried about becoming addicted as ive had issues with addiction 8 years ago. The only good nights sleep is when I take 600mg of ibuprofen and 2 benadryl. But I cant do that every night. I have a physical job so I don't take the pain killers during the day because I don't want to over exert my body. My main pain is the lower back pain and lower abdomin. I spoke with the doc today and she said that she would refer me to the gyny again... But they already told me there's nothing we can do as they tried the hormones and they affected me badly. I see an ostopath for deep tissue massage and im not sure anymore if that even helps.

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  • Hi you need to get your GP to refer you to a BSGE centre where they can excise the endo . These centres have specialist surgeons to deal with endo . They a far more experienced and know a lot more than a general gynaecologist.

  • Hi, I live in The Netherlands, I'm not sure if we have that here. I will search it out, thanks

  • Hi sorry probably not as it is a British thing. But you really do need to see an endo specialist. Hope you can get sorted. It's awful how much endo takes from us.

  • Thanks, because of your message I've been researching and I've found an endo clinic in the hague where I live. So tomorrow I'm guna phone the doc for a referal letter. Thanks again

  • Glad I could help. Good luck.

  • Hi, I hear your frustration, I would suggested trying some dietary changes and looking at natural medicines like homeopathy to use alongside your treatment, it can be a slow journey to balance your hormones but it does work and its sooo worth it, hang in there!

  • I take maca powder. Don't drink, not much sugar... I've tried all the dietary suggestions. It seems to work for a while, then it comes back. Can you specify the dietary changes you would suggest? Now I'm in menopause I'm having all the symptoms I had before. Lots of headaches, emotionally unbalanced etc. I'm taking Clonidine which is helping a bit, but I'm only in the first 2 weeks of taking it

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