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Is Lap worth it when echo shows no endo?

I just spoke to the specialist at endometriosis clinic. She confirmed I was in the menopause so the endo should get less. They could see very little on ultrasound and echo. She was very negative and said I know I wont see anything on an MRI so theres not much point. I said ok, well where is all this pain coming from from my lower back and through to the front. I don't know she said. She said if you really want me to I can do a lap. I said well with your attitude it sounds like theres is no point. She said theres no reason to get angry with me I'm telling you what I can do. You can leave it for 3 months to see if the symptoms lesson and then if not make an apt to see me and discuss a lap.

Im concerned about where my pain is coming from but im worried about going under anesthesie for no reason.

Im at my wits end and dont know where else to turn. I live in the Netherlands and I have no idea where to go next about this pain. As for the last 18 years ive been told its endo. Ive had 4 laps and hysterectomy, ovaries left.

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I've had hyster but also had my ovaries out but am still in pain so am having a lap with excision at the end of this month. It's taken me two years to get here as no one would believe me it was endo until I found this consultant.

Endo rarely shows on any scan so just as you've had those doesn't mean it's not endo. As you have your ovaries they will be feeding endo and endo will continue to feed itself even after menopause I'm afraid. It sounds like your endo hasn't been properly excised (cut out) in the past so that's what you need now.

It is also possible adhesions are causing some of your pain as they form after any surgery. You need those removed too and ideally a barrier gel or mesh used that hopefully stop more forming.

I don't know how it works in Netherlands but here in the uk you need to be with a specialist endo clinic called a bsge clinic.

Definitely see if you can find an endo specialist to do you lap

Good luck


The specialist was from an endo clinic. Thats why I was so disheartened by her reaction


Oh dear. Can imagine that was very disheartening. Is there someone else at the clinic you can see? Or if not prepare well for an assertive conversation with her about why you want a lap and what you want her to do.


She said she would do the lap. But because of her attitude I thought is it worth it. To go under and them not find anything....


I can understand but until you have someone look you may keep wondering. Hard decision I know.


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