Feeling fed up and frustrated

I am once again ovulating and the pains are starting again. I am so tired and fed up of constant low back ache, burning c scar, stabbing pain in ovaries, as well deep in my lady bits and feeling exhausted...pain killers aren't touching the sides. And I know it is going to get a lot worse as it turns into my period. Am on cerazette (am on week 3/4) and this is the second cycle I have had on it. I have not had a diagnosis (although I feel sure I have endo). I have another 2 months til next consultant's appointment, but last one was with his assistant who told me I couldn't have it as I don't have pain when having sex (this is not true, I do but not every time). She made me feel like I was exaggerating and a hyperchondriac. Sorry to ramble on, just so fed up...I have four children and really struggling to cope.

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  • I'm sorry i dont have anything useful to say, but dont give up on getting a diagnosis.. so many people get made to feel bad, youre not exaggerating, the pain is awful. and you deserve whatever help is available, so just keep pushing next time you see them! lots of people find the hot water bottle or tens machine can be comforting. and maybe have a chat with yout GP incase a different combination of painkillers can help for you. i really can sympathize with your pain and i hope it settles a bit for you soon xx

  • I have endo, confirmed through a lap and my only symptom is ov pain, I don't even get period pains. My point is your consultant is wrong, when you go back you need to ask for a lap and if they wont listen, get a second opinion. My consultant didn't think I had it, but I asked for the op and he did it and I had it.

  • Hi I think you should waste no more time on these useless gyneas and get another one who will take you seriously and if you don't like what they say question their reason why they think you haven't got endo. Hard to be assertive with everything we go through I know. There are some accredited endo centres dotted around the country or try and read up on the better endo surgeons. What an insult telling you that you can't possibly have endo. Shame on them hey x

  • I can so relate to this the pain. Just been told I got pso but I know its more like endo have never suffered from pso I have had lits of scans and never picked up. I am going to demand I have a lapo. My life is at a stand still hardly ever go out anymore because of the pain.

  • Thankyou, just feel like I am merely existing. This site has kept be going, just to feel that I am not crazy. WP22, I didn't think I could be referred to a specialist endo center if you haven't had a diagnosis? X

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