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6 weeks after first laparoscopy surgery, worried about period and specialist care

I had my first laparoscopy by a general fertility gynaecologist 6 weeks ago, found loads of endo and he decided to burn and cut (can't remember the proper terms) the endo and adhesions which were reported to be attached to my; ovaries, falopion tubes, stomach, pelvis, POD and perinaeum. Last week I was admitted to hospital by ambulance with severe pain - cysts are back, hemorrhaging into a large one, free fluid and tilted uterus. Sent home with pain killers. Now bleeding, after spotting old blood since hospital, but I've noticed what looks like burned tissue in my blood (it's not clots). Does anyone know if this is normal after a lap? And could anyone give me any advice on how to ensure I get specialist care, as more surgery is inevitable now my pain is worse than before my first surgery. Thanks for any help, I'm feeling so down and neglected by the care I've received so far :(

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Check lindle posts here for pathway to a BSGE centre for proper endometriosis treatment.


Lindle wondering if you can help at all? Many thanks


Where are you in the UK Liz?


Manchester (Stockport) or Liverpool (Aigburth)


Liz - did you read my post on the treatment pathway that Stella referred you to? You clearly have complex endo and a general gynaecologist shouldn't have treated you - this presentation should only be dealt with in a BSGE centre and you have several in that area. So you need to get a referral. It's hard to believe actually that neither a general gynae or A and E know what the correct procedure is for you. You will need to get a copy of the report sent to your GP to see exactly was was done.

I'm not sure about the tissue you have but theoretically I suppose it could be debris travelling back down your tube into the uterus.

The most important issue is getting to specialist care. Can you join my facebook support group and let us see the report when you get it so we can go from there:


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Sorry for my late response. I've been avoiding all endo info as I've been finding it all really stressful and it's made me feel quite down. I have an MRI today, ive never had one before, so I'm hoping that will help. Still no referral to BSGE though. Any advice on the MRI today? Thank you for replying xx


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