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About to have first Laparoscopy, really worried!

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Hi all,

I'm having my first lap next month to see if I have endo, it's been such a battle to get the surgery and now I have it I'm terrified! Just looking for some advice or stories of anyone who was particularly anxious. I'm completely terrified of needles and its not a phobia I have been able to get over, the nurse said they'll do my blood work when I'm under so I won't be awake for the needle and told me the canula is plastic which has eased my mind slightly but I'm still really scared. Reading the statistics has really scared me as well! Anyone feel this way before theirs? I'm also worried about what will happen if after all I've gone through they don't find anything.

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Hey Ari3l!

I am now 7 days post lap and I felt exactly like you did!

I had never had an operation or a general anaesthetic before this so I was beyond petrified. Lots of tears and wanting to back out ! When they called me to go down to theatre I was walking down the corridor with the nurse in floods of hysterical tears! The nurse was amazing and said most people cry at that point. I was then laying in the anethestic room and I had yet another anxiety attack meltdown as they were putting the knock out drug in! Then I was out! I remember holding onto the nurses hand so tightly.

I actually don't really know why I was in such a state. I didn't like the idea of being unconscious and being operated on, loosing control, not knowing what to expect. To be honest, you don't really notice all the canulas and stuff, once they're in you don't even notice them there. They take them out pretty soon after and once its in thats all they need to give you stuff. So its not like you are constantly having new needles put in your arm.

Needless to say....... I'm fine! I do suffer from anxiety. Psychically I have healed so well and quickly but iv been tired and woozy but thats passing.

I can GUARANTEE the experience is no where near as bad as you think it will be. Take it from an expert! This could be a perfect opportunity for you to tackle your fear? You have a month to prepare so maybe worth taking to a phobia specialist to help prepare you? I had 2 days to prepare for my op which didn't help with my anxiety if I'm honest.


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Ari3l in reply to RebeccaS81

Thank you so much for the reassurance! I guess I feel the same way about not knowing what to expect and I've never had surgery before either. I won’t be reading anymore statistics! Just try and focus on the reason why I need the surgery instead :) Thanks for making me feel a lot less alone xxxx


I really hate operations for various reasons and this Summer I've had to go under general anaesthetic for tooth removal and my 2nd lap. The lead up to it is an anxious time but it's over before you know it. I also hate the cannula part but it's over so quickly and the anaesthetic kicks in really quickly and before you know it you're coming round again. I tried to focus on the fact that it was a definite way to get some answers so it was worth it :)

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Ari3l in reply to Livingdeadgirl

Thanks, I’m trying to focus on that part, it’ll be really good to finally know what’s going on inside my body, it’s such a battle to get to this to the surgery in first place. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t stand needles and canualas!

Hi, I had my first laparoscopy 5 weeks ago and like you it’s been such a battle for me to finally get to this point. I am the most anxious person in the world, but honestly I promise you it isn’t as bad as what you think. I think it’s totally normal to feel how your feeling, the closer it got to my laparoscopy the more I kept thinking to myself maybe it’s not endo an what if they don’t find anything and should I just put it off?! I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo, so it was defiantly worth going through with it either way, just look at it as if they don’t find any endometriosis that’s one thing you can rule out. I remember panicking so much just before going into theatre, they gave me some sedative first to relax me as I was so so anxious, and that’s all I remember and then I woke up and it was all done. I promise you, you will be fine. Don’t worry yourself xxx

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Ari3l in reply to Daryll_Lydia

Thank you for the reassurance! :) I really do just want to know what’s going on in my body. I’m worried the anxiety will cause me to not let the nurse put the canula in, it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m so worried about it, but hearing everyone else is scared is definitely making me feel not alone xxx

Hey Ari3l.

I am day 2 post lap and honestly, I know exactly how you must be feeling.

The closest I’ve been to an operating theatre is playing the board game operation, I was clueless! I was more worried about the anaesthetic than the actual procedure, but that was the actually the easiest part. You barely feel the canula as you have so many people buzzing round you, and once it’s in you don’t feel it in your hand. And literally as if by magic you wake up and the procedure is finished.

I can’t help you with regards to if they don’t find anything as I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4, however my surgeon did say to be before th surgery that if nothing can be found they can then look to see if there are any problems with your bowel. It may be something to look into if no endo is found.


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Ari3l in reply to BeanC91

That made me laugh so much! I haven’t had any surgery before either, the only time I’ve been in hospital with a canula was when I was around 5 years old so it’s basically new to me.

I’m getting a lot of reassurance about the canula and it’s really helping and at least I don’t have to be awake for the bloods, the nurses I’ve seen for my pre op couldn’t have been any better in that regard.

Do you mind me asking what defines that you’re stage 4? I’ve heard a lot of people saying what stage they’re diagnosed with but I don’t exactly understand what that means. You’re right, I do just need to know what’s going on either way :) xxxx

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BeanC91 in reply to Ari3l

Haha I’m glad I made you giggle at least! Stage 4 is severe endo, meaning that It’s damaged my insides to the point in which they cannot just remove the endo, they have to remove one of my ovaries as well. Xxx

Hey I’m 7 days post op and I was petrified

But it honestly isn’t bad at all they put my cannula in why I was lying on the bed I could hardly feeling anything and didn’t even feel a thing, it really isn’t bad at all if you want any advice about anything please feel free to message me and I will help you as much as I can, I was mostly scared about being put under but that really isn’t bad I was crying on the day as I was so scared but the nurses are really nice and then when you get taken for your op you lie on the bed and they just speak to you and you don’t really have much chance to think the next thing you know your waking up but honest feel free to message me if you want any advice on anything xxx

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Ari3l in reply to Peyten

Thanks I may just take you up on that :)

When you’re in the room can you see all the surgical tools? I’m kind of worried about that, I saw a picture on the booklet I got from my ore op that made me feel 100x more anxious.

Thanks for the kind words and reassurance :)

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Peyten in reply to Ari3l

Aww, no you lie on a bed and it’s nice and warm and have a blanket on you only really look at the ceiling tbh, and it’s so quick them putting you to sleep that you don’t have chance look around and they will talk to you and relax you and honestly if you need to chat hit me up x

Of course its scary but you'll be fine. It really doesn't hurt to have bloods and needles, honest! You'll be a bit tender and sore after lap, but within a few days all will be ok. Good luck x

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Ari3l in reply to Carolamb

I have a really hard time getting people to understand the fear, I’m not scared of needles because I’m scared of the pain, I’m scared of the actual object itself. Thanks for the luck! :) x

Hey, I have the biggest fear of hospitals ever and I was fine during my lap, the staff were really nice and I was just watching a film on my phone until I got called to theatre.

The cannula did hurt a little for like 2 seconds and I remember the nurse holding my hand as I drifted off to sleep and the anaesthetist was talking through what he was doing.

The risk of something happen is so rare so don’t be reading statistics of anything relating to the surgery. Laparoscopies are performed so many times a day.

I was high as a kite when I woke up in recovery haha but most people have said they feel groggy for a couple days which hit me later after the drugs wore off.

If you need someone to talk to, you can always PM me xxxxx

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Ari3l in reply to princessk09

Thanks for the tip about a film! I will probably make sure I take one now, how long did you wait roughly until you were called?

Did you have to count down whilst you were being put under or did it just sort of happen? That’s something I’ve always wondered. I am expecting the canula to hurt a little, I’m more concerned about the object going into my body, I think that’s how I feel about everything to do with my surgery tbh! Thanks for being honest that the canula hurt a little, my family members keep saying it won’t hurt don’t worry but I’d rather hear the truth haha!

I may just take you up on that, I don’t know anyone in my life that’s has this surgery or any experience with endo so just talking to people who relate to how I feel is what I want :) xxxxxx

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princessk09 in reply to Ari3l

I've messaged you hun xxxxx

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