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My story

I've always had painful periods, but It never held me back before until I got on birth control, and then off birth control. Birth control (depo) stopped my periods completely. I stopped the birth control because of the mood swings it gave me.. I believe anyone with endo is already hormone sensitive. And should not be given more hormones. Anyways, it took me around 10months for my period to return and when it did it was extremely more painful than before. I do not know of my endo and I believe the birth control made it worse. Now I had so much pain I couldn't move, couldn't work could barley walk! Only the very first day ( thankfully ) the next 3 months the same first day extreme pain now accompanied by nauseousness that turned into vomiting every month. By the 4th month my mother suspected endometriosis as she had, had it. And endo is hereditary or can be. By the way, internal medicine accused me of having food poising, over reacting ect. So if you suspect endo go to an OB. A specialist! I did a laporscopy and confirmed endometriosis and it was very severe and even wrapped around my intestines ( explains the vommiting) after the surgery I was given the options if birth control or pregnancy. Or some kind of crazy system where they would turn off my ovaries for like 6 months and then turn them back on 6 months and so on so forth. No. Being 18/19 years old and engaged possibly never having children wasn't an option. During these last 4 months of agony I turned into a real bitch. I've always been brutally honest but now I'm just down right mean and hurtful. And it started effecting my relationship and even my family. I've found other women with endo are expierencing the same. A month after my surgery as I got my monthly friend it wasn't so painful. I even went to work just to come home an hour later in pain. But no throwing up that was a plus. Back to where we started but now I have two scars on my lower abdomin. Post op- we talk options. Birth control, pregnancy, and practically menopause. I took pregnancy. And during that pregnancy I was the sweetest angel anyone has ever met. No crazy hormones ( I mean a few crying fits ) but no anger to over reacting my relationship with my husband was the best that it had ever been! I believe the pregnancy hormones had something to do with it. After having my beautiful son I decide to get on birth control because two years pain free was more than amazing. I get hit with food poising and for some reason expierence a period with the pain and agony I had forgotten. My OB was suspicious of the endo acting up and said get your next depo shot and let's see if things go back to normal or not. We'll for some reason I decide to not get it. I mean what's the worse that can happen I get pregnant? That already happened. I was a month away from my next depo shot when I expierenced the pain. And when I didn't get the shot I still didn't get a period. Before it took 10months to return. But I believe it took longer this time because I breastfed for 1 year. Now my period came back I have normal light pain free periods. We'll not pain free but like normal peoples cramping. Not endo pain!! And the first one or two periods were very light but how I'm expierencing heavier periods every two weeks. I have fibriod tumors in both sides of my family. Has anyone expierenced fibroids after pregnancy!? Or had anyone expierenced abnormal periods with endo what does this mean. After the pregnancy and breast feeding I have returned to being a complete bitch to where my mother and husband are making me seek help either thru counseling or surgery or whatever is suppose to help. My mother thinks I should get a full hysterectomy including ovaries. And my husband just wants me to be nice. I don't think medication is going to help it's definitely not going to help my liver. I'm 21yrs old I don't want a hysterectomy. And I'm also not a believer in counseling. I've been to counseling in the past and they just want to give you medication that makes you suicidal it's called population control. If endometriosis affected men there would be a cure! Why is there so many inventions to give you a Boner at 95years old but women can struggle with pain and be told we are over reActing bitches. Lives & marriages are suffering from this disease. I am 21years old in the United States. ca

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Hi hunny, sorry your suffering, it's hard enough but with a baby that's even harder,

Find a experienced endo gyne and get a second opinion they may have missed something at your first lap, or its grown back, either way you probably need another laparoscopy to see if you have any more in there.

Good luck


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