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Surgeon recommending hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries and Fallopian tubes; uterus adhered to bowel

I saw my specialist yesterday and he is suggesting a total hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries and Fallopian tubes - basically the whole lot - given how severe my endometriosis and adenomyosis is. (I had initially thought the good ovary would remain.)

I will also need a bowel surgeon on standby as my bowel is adhered to my uterus. The Dr. said there was a small risk of bowel complications, which could require a colostomy bag for 3-4 months. While this is a small risk, he threw it out there like it was not very significant. I will see the bowel surgeon next week and hopefully learn more about how much risk this is.

If anyone has experienced this surgery, I would appreciate hearing about how you've managed going into menopause and taking HRT, an whether anyone has had bowel complications. I should note I am 42yo and fertility is not an issue.

Thank you.

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Hi Stacy. I had a TAH and BSO in March for adenomyosis. I was supposed to have had excision alongside it for severe endo. The op itself was ok., however my hot flushes were unbearable. I was initially put on tibalone but really didn't help so changed to normal hrt. Hot flushes completely disappeared. I'm 43. Unfortunately not all endo was removed so I'm still in pain. My surgeon admitted 6 months on that he hadn't touched the endo on my bowels. Am now seeking a second opinion.

With regards to menopause now that the hot flushes are under control I feel great dislike being in pain still. At least I don't have the pain from the adenomyosis. And having no periods is wonderful.

Before my op I was told there would be a bowel surgeon present, but found out afterwards that was the case.

I'm glad you are actually seeing the bowel surgeon before op.

With the right team doing the op I'm sure the risks are minimal, they just have to tell you so that you are aware.

I hope everything goes well for you. Just make sure you rest plenty afterwards, as you will get very tired easily.

Good luck.



If your ok with the pain that's great .

HRT does stimulate any endo left . I've read 6 months wait to dry up remaining endo before HRT

It depends on your comfort level

There are some natural things even acupuncture that can help with hot flashes.'

I would be concerned about the endo left around bowel though .' He probably did not remove it because he was not experienced at doing so without causing issues .

That's why an endo specialist is so important

Of course your bowel won't get attached to uterus but if could attach other organs.'

I'd want To make sure with a specialist


Hi Shelly, he is an endo specialist. He's actually a council board member of the BSGE. If endo is fully excised it shouldn't matter regarding hrt. The fact he told me initially he had removed all endo and then waited six months to admit that he hadn't is just not good enough. To top it all off he told me there was nothing more that could be done. So as far as he is concerned I'm to spend the rest of my life in agony. Hence the fact I'm seeking a second opinion.

So for the rant but I'm in agony at the moment and just really angry.


Oh my goodness, just read this. I can't believe you've been treated like that. You have every right to be upset and I hope you're able to get a second opinion soon. Have you found someone else? X


yeah GP has done the referral, just waiting for the appointment. It can't come soon enough though. Just about had enough now .

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Hi Jean

I'm so sorry you are going thru this.

Yes some doctors do claim to be specialist and are not special about them .

He lied to you

Then told you he can't do anything else.

I am not sure if this is true of your dr but I do know some have the opinion that you can not be much to them as you are not a money maker anymore in their eyes .

Get another opinion.

Best thing you can do

If they are not up to par screw them get another

I realize that this is not that easy to do and requires work on your end and especially when you are not feeling good.

Find out all you can

Ask question

I'm not even sure I would tell them right off that you had hysterectomy

I'd question to see if they have the answers

Like ok what if I'm still in pain after surgery ?

If they say oh no you won't be

Walk away


Hi, sorry to hear you have to have so much surgery done. Does your mum suffer much menopause symptoms? This tends to run in the family. Generally it's 50% chance of suffering from bad menopause symptoms. I had prostap3 in between my two operations. That induces temporary menopause. I did not suffer any symptoms at all.

When I went to see the bowel surgeon, he said they tried to shave the bowel where possible. The chance of resection is 5%, out this the chance of needing colostomy bag is 5%. Hopefully you situation is similar to mine. I have my operation with minimum problems.

All the best.


Thank you for this info especially about the bowel bit. I'm adopted! :-)


Hi - I assume you are having this done at a BSGE centre where they have advanced excision training. As long as they are proposing to excise all your endo at the same time you should hopefully be in good hands. Are your ovaries too diseased to retain?



I did years ago . My dr had a good bowel surgeon stand by to . It's easier to knick it than not .

I did not have a bag but had a 7 day stay with a drain that pumped things out

No food or water 7 days


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