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Laparotomy agony!

Had laparotomy 3 days ago due to awkward endometriosis. (Was hidden behind stomach muscle and was problematic to get to.)

I have a large scar from left hip to couple of inches past belly button. Also had laparoscopic through belly button at same time to clear adhesions.

I am in agony. I have never felt pain like this and have had 2 c sections. Every time I move I feel like my stomach will tear open, and I can't get up or down without help. I appreciate it was a big open, but did not expect this level of pain and inability to do anything.

Apparently they had to 'root about a bit as the endometriosis was far back and also attached to muscle etc, and I obviously expected it to be painful but was no way prepared for this.

Any tips on easing recovery. At the moment I am bed ridden, taking oramorph paracetamol and ibuprofen. Not passed stool for 4 days (since before op) which am contributing to being constipated from pain relief. This is also causing a lot of discomfort.


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