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Post surgery recovery exercise advice

Just need some help with whens best to exercise really. I'm currently on my fourth week post lap after being diagnosed with extensive endometriosis, i have four wounds on my abdomen and think i'm healing really well (obviously occasional twangs of pain from those areas but improving every day). Was just wondering when is best to start getting the stomach muscles working again n things really, would like to get them strong before returning to work in a few weeks. I'm doing half hour walks outdoors and doing light housework (no carrying the hoover!) atm but i don't know what the next step is really? Also, I am still getting a really tight pulling pain from the belly button area, feels like a scab tearing when there is no scab, very different pain to the other three wounds and makes me nauseas when it happens - is this normal for post op fourth week?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Jade. = )

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Im the exact same as you, 4 weeks post. I still have trouble lifting stuff as it pulls and makes the muscles sore. Im still tired alot, not sure if this is normal or not.


Hi ladies, I'll be 6 weeks post op on Monday. My surgeon advised 6 weeks before starting to exercise again and even then to take it easy. This is my second lap, and I've also had the pulling pains and twinges in my belly button too. It's a warning to chill out and stop trying to do too much. It can also be a sign that the nerves are healing and is perfectly normal. the cut in your belly button is usually the largest and that's why it feels different. just take it easy and listen to your body. Good luck to you both xxx

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You could try (very slowly and carefully!) doing some light Pilates exercises. I was given several to do by a physio after my laporotomy. I'm now three weeks into my recovery and I find they really help.


All the best with your recovery! x


Emily- I'm still quite tired too! Thankyou all so much for the info, I'll definitely listen to what my body's telling me, good to hear I'm not the only one struggling with the belly button pain, guess I'm doing too much already so I'll rest a bit more. Thanks for that link, it's so useful. I wasn't given that info! The pelvic exercises I'll definitely start as I think I'm well enough for them!

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I read on a Guardian article this week that Pilates can be not ideal if you are experiencing pelvic pain (like I do). I've you tubed endo exercises/yoga and exercises that are not going to put strain on the core and pelvis and found some interesting stuff. Also on one of the Guardian articles it had a link to pelvic pain organisation in Austrailia that details on their website some simple stretches to relax pelvic muscles.


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