Post lap concerns: wounds and exhaustion

Post lap concerns: wounds and exhaustion

Hi ladies,

I am now 5 days post lap op and literally spend 16 hours asleep today. I am still exhausted, like I get up to shower and then I need to sleep for a few hours to re energise. After I sleep I wake and still feel like I need to sleep.

The doc said I would be able to go back to work today (I listened to posts on here and took two weeks off and and now greatful I did)

Is this normal to be THIS tired after?

I also had my belly button wound open up today and begin to bleed, it's stopped now but am worried I have burst the skin glue. Anyone has experience with this? Should I be worried about infection?

I added a photo of my belly button (sorry to anyone who finds this offensive it's grosses me out 😰)

Thanks for any help :) xxxx

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I wanted to add a pic of my belly yesterday it looked much better but won't let me post another pic

I'm exactly the same, I had my surgery on 26th may and since then I've been permanently exhausted xxxxx

Oh sorry to hear :( ok sounds like I am pretty normal then. I just couldn't imagine going back to work today so I was thinking I should have been fine by now. Hopefully we recover quickly :) thanks for your reply

Your welcome Hun, if you don't improve soon tho see your GP. I feel worse than I did before surgery xxxxx

Yes it could take up to two weeks that you are not exhausted anymore. I needed about 1,5 week after my two laps.

If you don't have a connective tissue disease the wound(s) will heal. Only go to the GP is if gets infected.

Thanks so much x

I had a lap on 31/05/17 and have needed regular naps/ rests. I also thought i'd be back to work alot sooner but so glad of the time to rest. Do a little and rest before you feel tired. I'm surprised they only glued the belly button area because you can't avoid moving about and risking it splitting. Keep an eye it looks sore! xx

Your belly button looks much sorer than mine did at 2weeks post lap. Personally I'd go back to the dr if you have a good gp. Mine told me she'd rather see me for nothing than not see me and there be a problem.

Ps I had dissolvable stitches not glue

Hi, I'm also now 5 days post lap and am exhausted all the time, like you. Sleeping lots through the day. Went for a very short walk today down the road and back as advised by my nurse, very tired after and it felt like I had done 200 sit ups!! I've been signed off for 2 weeks at the mo. I didn't realise how much this would take it out of me.

With your belly button, keep it clean, wash it daily with non scented soap and ensure it is totally dry before dressing it (if you are). I'm actually doing mine every other day. Try to let some air get to it as well. Signs of infection are pus, redness/swelling around the wound (not just bruising), smelly discharge, heat. If you are worried, pop and see your local community nurse to get it dressed. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

I have stitches in my belly button and still some dried blood so hard to compare. Would be suprised if they only used skin glue as the area gets moved so much.

You managed a walk!! - go girl! I tried to sit outside yesterday and the sunlight was killing me, I will try again today.

Yeah the surgeon said it was all glue and the belly button wound isn't dressed.. I see him in one week but may try to get the energy to see someone before hand, just to check it's not infection.

Thanks so much. Wishing you a speedy and as painless recovery possible x

If you are worried you might be able to get a nurse to pop to your house and see you. They used to do this for my Nan as she wasn't able to walk to our local health centre so maybs they would for you as well?

Best of luck and hoping you're back to normal soon xx

Thanks lovely, I really couldn't imagine leaving the house at the point. 6 days post op.

The belly wound has stoped but the doc said to keep a close eye on it for the next few days incase of infection.

I just get nervous about cleaning it.

Thanks for everyone's replies x

I'd give the doctors' surgery a call and let them advise you re. the wound.

It does take a while to get your energy back after surgery. It puts the body under a lot of stress and you need to rest to allow the body to heal. Your immune system might be lower, too. I caught shingles not long after surgery which delayed my recovery. I remember feeling wiped out for a good few weeks post surgery. x

I think I really under estimated what recovery was! I was so focused on the fear before hand.

I am getting fevers quite a bit, don't know if that's normal or not.

Thanks for your reply :)

I am taking it very slow indeed :) x

You may have a virus, too. Might be worth mentioning the fevers to the doctor. I had them and put it down to the shingles, but it might be surgery related. Hope you feel well again soon. x

Thank you, Im going to call them again tomorrow, let them know every symptom :)

hi. We have a friend who is a surgeon and after my operation in September I mentioned just how tired I was, felt like I was in fog!! He reassured me by saying it can take people up to 8 weeks to fully get over having a general anaesthetic and every person and operation is different and the best thing you can do is listen to your body, if you need rest have it and in the long run it will help you recover.

for me I did to much to soon and set myself back. I had another lap on 31st May and I've had a really restful time since and I'm feeling the benefit so I'm going to start to do a little bit more and see how I get on.

be kind to your body and let heal and recover.


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