Referred for a laparoscopy! Query on the hip pain?!

Hi everyone, so I saw the gynaecologist for the first time today and he's put me on the waiting list for a laparoscopy, I'm a bit concerned though that he didn't seem to think my hip pain was connected as I have it most of the time and not just when on my period, please tell me that I'm not imagining it and I have read that hip pain is a symptom of endo and can happen at any time of the month??! He did say that we would find out once I've had the coil fitted and my periods stopped if the hip pain stopped too then it most likely was connected but he seemed to give me the impression that he didn't think it was!

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It definitely is connected to endo! We have loads of nerves in our pelvis and they run down our legs. I wonder at the bloody doctors at times. I also get hip pain along with back, flank, abdominal, urinary, digestive... Hope you get sorted X

Hi Jo, you are most definitely not imagining it and yes it is related. Your gynae is so wrong. I was told by two doctor's it can't be Endo because you have pain everyday (back, hip leg) lo and behold I have stage 4! I have had severe pain everyday for 2 years. The pain in my hip is like a deep boring pain, sometimes it's mind bending. I liken it to bad toothache...but in my hip?!?! Great you're now on the waiting list for the lap. Hope it comes soon for you x

What are they doing for your pain? I'm having the coil fitted at the same time, hoping it works X

My lap was just diagnostic because of the complexity of excision surgery that is needed. They offered me the coil but i chose not to have it because I had a terrible reaction to the pill. In the meantime I am still loading up with Tramadol, Paracetamol and Mefanemic acid, gritting my teeth and bearing it....or not!

He told you you'd be back to work the next day! I just can't believe some of the stuff they come out with! I took a week to recover from mine. Of course it will depend on what you do for work and whether the lap is diagnostic or if you have treatment. Everyone is different. You will know when you are ready. Either way go steady,and listen to your body x

He didn't even ask me what I did! I'm a year 2 teaching assistant, it's suspected I have endo on the bowel, he didn't even mention what would happen if they found it, I should have asked! He did say I could get in touch if I had any questions though x

Are you under a BSGE centre Jo?

No, it's all happened really quickly, I went to my gp around June time I think it was, he referred me for a scan straight away and then to a gyneacologist who I saw for the first time today and he has put me straight on the waiting list. Are you?

Yes I am. If your gynae suspects bowel involvement he must refer you onto a BSGE centre as stated in NICE guidelines for suspected severe Endo. Look at Lindle posts on the treatment pathway and endo on the uterosacral ligaments.

Do you think he will just look and if it is there refer me? Because he didn't say what he would do to the endo if he found it


he probably doesn't know

The problem is Jo a general gynae is not qualified to identify all presentations of endo and most just look at the ovaries uterus etc. It is not uncommon that women with Endo see a general gynae and following a lap are given a clean bill of health, as they have missed the endo leaving the woman back at square one. Take a look at the NICE guidelines on treatment for suspected endo. Find out where your nearest bsge centre is and ask for a ref either via your gp or gynae.

Even if he suspects it's on the bowel because of me my symptoms? Would he still only look in the places you mentioned?! X

The pathway is absolutely clear on this. You need to be seen under a BSGE surgeon. Having surgery by this gynae who tells you the procedure will take 10 mins is a red flag. Under a BSGE centre your lap will include looking at diaphragm, kidneys, bladder and ureters, ovaries and illiac fossas pouch of douglas, bowel and more not a 10 min job. Let's say he did find Endo on your bowel, he is not qualified to surgically treat it, so would need to refer you on then. I suspect he will just have a go at treating it (against his RCOG accreditation) and potentially cause you untold amount of problems like so many other women on here have experienced. It is important you get this right from the start, you are absolutely entitled to the best treatment, but ultimately it is of course your choice.

Thank you, I think I'll speak to my gp

Good luck Jo, keep us posted x

Thank you, an old friend just messaged me and said that she was seen by an endo specialist at Maidstone hospital which is the hospital I'm down to go to and they found it in her bowel but didn't remove it because they needed a bowel specialist so that's made me feel a little bit better. The gyneacologist I saw is aware that my symptoms are pointing to having it on the bowel so that assures me a bit that they will at least look there! X

You are right BRIZZLEBIRD

I have been to many doctors in my time .

A few very good ones all in all, truth be told way more mediocre or down right horrid and those ones have done lifelong damage

I'm glad you are not rushing into the coil

I've researched and I found that most GYN's do not have the skills to do these exceptional fragile and complicated surgeries .

They should just knock it off and say they are to stupid and refer you to a smart dr

I realize that statement may be unfair to some but honestly hearing these stories plus my own experience these doctors playing doctors piss me off

I try to find a female GYN if possibly

Some of them are bad to


All in all the male docs don't get it

And you need to stay off work at least 3-7 days after a lap


It makes my heart sink Shelly, that daily posts are put on with women (myself included)receiving sub standard treatment, incorrect procedures being followed, and women being told a loads of bs information that are completely untrue regarding Endo! X

He also told me the procedure would only take 10 mins!! X

Thanks ladies, he also said that i should be able to return to work the next day but reading posts on here that doesn't sound right! My hip pain seems worse when I'm off work, during the summer holidays I was taking my pain killers almost daily and it really hurt to sit in the car etc! X


After they get cut on their private junk I bet they don't go back next day or tell people that .

Even though it's a way simpler surgery

Back to work a day after?! He must think you're superwoman but saying that some people breeze through it. Give yourself adequate time to recover after. I went into my operation completely dumb and didn't believe I had endo. Thought it was only a cyst. Xx

I have severe right sided hip pain and abdominal pain a vast majority of the time which is related to my endo. I most definitely wasn't back to work after a day!

Mine is on the right side too! Occasionally both sides though. I wish I asked what he would do if he did find endo, will he remove it or just leave it and fit the coil because I suppose that would affect the recovery time!

Wow thats the most stupid thing I have heard, back to work next day?! Seriously, he had no clue. Listen to your body which will tell you when you are ready & 99.9% certain it wouldnt be saying 'well this is just fine & peachy- lets go & deal with 30 6 year olds!'

I was wondering about hip pain link too, Mirena was great for me (10yrs) had it removed recently & hip pain is there.

Whenever I have googled endo, it lists hip pain as a symptom that's why I was confused! I suppose I shall just have to wait and see! He did say I wouldn't be able to drive for 24 hours because of the anaesthetic so I might want to take the next day off but reading everyone else's recovery times on here it does sound like it takes longer than that to recover!

Coil fitted ?

I'm not sure what that means but it sounds like a contraceptive device .

And why in the hell are they inserting anything into your uterus before they even know what's wrong.

I'm sorry

I don't agree with this way of doing medicine

Throwing treatments at you before DX??

No no

That's every kind of wrong .

I may be way off here and going out on a limb but a device could hurt you if it's a certain disease that should not have that device

Get good DX

Get two good DX

Then find a dr who specializes in this not one who delivers babies and does the BC stuff

It is a contraceptive he said he will fit it whilst I have the laparoscopy to look for the endo as apparently it mimics the menopause and so helps with the symptoms of endo because I'm too young to have my ovaries out, even though I have 3 children and don't want anymore X

This is exactly what I've been experiencing for 8 years now. I had the coil fitted a year ago and the pain is now more concentrated to a couple of weeks around my period.

Keep going back to your doctors. I'm now of the opinion that if they can't tell me what it is, I'm going to have to go through a process of elimination of what it isn't.

I've had all of the scans available and have probably seen all of the consultants available. All of them saying they don't know what it is and just prescribing me more tablets.

Good luck! Hope you get some answers

Thank you, hopefully they will find something during that lap, only so I know what's causing all the pain and don't have to wait ages for more tests to find out what it is! I'm glad the could helped you, fingers crossed it will help me too!

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