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Hip/Back pain - sciatic endo?

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. Long post, apologies!

So I was diagnosed with Endo via lap this June and since then I have developed even more symptoms. Just wondered if anyone else on here suffers from hip and lower back pain at all? The hip was a problem for me for a couple of years before diagnosis but used to be in line with my cycle. Now I get pain all month round for 99% of the days. By the end of the day I am limping home from work and unable to get the full range of motion in my hip/leg when sitting down (I'm usually super flexible!). I can't even really describe the pain... It's just very tight and achy and almost feels like there's a short string joining my hip joint together that is being pulled when I walk (I know that sounds insane!)

I'm not even sure if it is linked to my endo but I have a feeling it is. It is purely my right hip and recently in the last month or so I have been getting some lower back ache also that isn't too severe but just very uncomfortable - having trouble getting comfy in bed/on sofa etc.

I have looked up a little bit about sciatic endo although there's not an awful lot around about it. I wonder if anyone could answer my questions;

- Do my symptoms sound like they could be sciatic endo of sorts? Or something different?

- Would this usually show up on a normal lap or is there another form of diagnosis? And most importantly...

- What can I do about it?!? The pain is limiting my daily routine and work and nothing seems to relieve it! Also I am still waiting for my "2 month post-op" appointment - I'm only booked in for mid-November hence why I am seeking advice ☺️

Thanks so much to anyone who can help!

S x

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Hi hunny, I don't know alot about sciatic endo, but I do know endo in lots of different locations can cause the kind of pain you describe,

Are you being seen at a bsge specialist centre, ??

Did they remove endo at you lap, ????



Hi - I remember your history. Did you have your lap in a BSGE endo centre as you had adhesions to your bowel? Sciatic pain is often a symptom of rectovaginal endo - nodules on the uterosacral ligaments.


Hi ladies

Thanks for your replies.

They excised endo from the utero-sacral ligaments and pouch of Douglas as well as pelvic wall - I think that was it! It wasn't done at a bsge centre though which I'm now feeling is the big mistake I made as I worry they haven't removed everything properly. That being said I am glad I at least got a diagnosis for now to get work off my back! Looks like I might have to get referred for another lap at bsge then I suppose?

Thanks for the link Lindle, I'll take a look xx


I have pain in my right hip and right lower back, which is a daily pain. I have endo on the right uterosacral ligament, RV endo, a nodule attached to the bowel on the right, and my uterus is firmly stuck down to the bowel nodule and some lower all on the right side. I assumed it was all endo pain. I'm waiting for my surgeries at the moment so I've had none of the endo tissue removed yet.


Yep I do have been suffering for ongoing lower back pain and hip but nothing have been found just saying IBS....


Hi there

Sorry to pick this up over a year later. Just wondering how you are feeling now? I get lots of hip and lower back pain. Been off work all week with it. Did your pain subside and did you ever get your referral to a bsge centre?


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