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Endo and sciatica and hip pain


I had a laparoscopy and excision of endo done privately just under two years ago. At the time I had hip pain and sciatica but the consultant said it was unlikely to be related.

I've continued to have hip pain and sciatica but in the last six months have had awful lower back pain where I could hardly moved, that eased within a couple of days, pain so bad through my bottom that I can't sit down, and then yesterday the most awful hip and sciatic pain and pain in my upper right leg at the front, which culminated in my period starting. Today, no pain at all.

Do you think all these things may be related?


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Hi piggly1970 your consultant is wrong in telling you hip pain and sciatica are not related- they absolutely are! The fact your hip pain/sciatica has continued indicates there maybe deep endo that has been missed.This must be treated in a BSGE centre. Endo on the uterosacral ligament runs very close to the sciatic nerve and can cause referred pain. This has been my worst symptom to cope with over the last 2 years. Have a look at Lindle posts particularly on endo on the uterosacral ligament to see if you can identify with it.

You can get a referral from your gp to a BSGE accredited centre. Research your nearest centre here




Hi brizzlebird - your reply to piggly1970 is so reassuring for me as I too have severe hip/groin pain & sciatica which my once upon a time gynecologist said had nothing to do with endo. Clearly it does! I have been coping with the pain for 5yrs now seeing all sorts of doctors for a range of tests of which nothing was found so leaves me to believe it could only be the endo? Finally found a consultant who is going to do a diagnostic laparoscopy next Thursday! Shall still look into the BSGE centre though - thank you!


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Im glad! I was like you too. Left with a diagnosis of non traumatic back pain and on painkillers after MRI, physio and £100's spent on treatments all to no avail. Not once did any doctor consider Endo, (despite my classic endo symptoms) until i 'diagnosed'myself and demanded a referral, like so many others. I was told because i had pain everyday-it couldn't be Endo-utter rubbish! They should be considering Endo for all women presenting with pelvic pain.

Good luck with the lap, hope you get some answers after so long. Keep us posted x

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Hi! I'm an osteopath so see sciatica daily :) From what you've described in my opinion it sounds related to the endo. The fact that it comes and resolves within a few days and is exacerbated around the time of your period.

My advice would be to have someone look at the back i.e. osteopath, physio just to be sure. Let them do a neurological exam to make sure the sciatic nerve is not being pinched by for example a herniated disc. Generally sciatica you can also experience symptoms such as pins and needles, numbness, weakness in the legs, and pain on coughing, sneezing etc. When my endo is really bad i have excruciating deep pain all around my lower back, hips, bottom and thighs to point where i cant move either.

You have had it for 2 years tho which makes me believe it is related to the endo instead. I only say get a second opinion because i know of a lady who had endo and was constant severe pain in her back and legs and it was fobbed off as endo and it turned out she had a severe slipped disc which needed an emergecny operation.

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you all. I'll go back to the drs and get referred to my local approved centre, but also look into making sure it is not disk related too.

Good luck with your lap Nunu.


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