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Weight gain ??

Hello ladies ...

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis not that long ago and currently awaiting my laparoscopy ovarian cystectomy +/- adhesiolysis ( due on Wednesday) . My recent MRI scan showed both ovaries adherent to posterior aspect of uterus, which is suggestive of pelvis adhesions secondary to endometriosis. Living with too much pain 😞

For the past few months I have been watching myself gain weight like crazy ... My abdominal looks like 5-6 months pregnant . In a top of being in pain all the time I am very uncomfortable with gaining weight . Wanted to ask you ladies if you know of any diet sites for women suffering of endometriosis. I am so very new to this ... every and any advice would be gratefully appreciated .

Thank you

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Hi. I too have had horrendous bloating and swollen stomach. I have been following the whole30 now for 26 days and have noticed a huge difference. It's amazing. Someone recommended it on this site actually. Hope it helps.


Thank you .

It actually looks very simple to follow .

;) thank you


Have your Op first hun, recover fully, and then look at weight after.

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I know , thank you .

Just can not wrap my head around of what's happening to my body 😞



I know how you feel I went from a size 8 to a size 12. I have manged to get down to a size 10 eventually.

I know some ladies have taken on a vegan diet. I couldn't possible do that, I love food too much.

I think it is about finding what food triggers your bloated tummy. For me it was white bread. So I switched to brown. Also I don't drink fizzy drinks and I'm not much of a coffee drinker.

Maybe keep a food diary for a month.

Plus I have a mirena coil which is think might be contributing to my weight gain. So I have cut down the amount I food I eat, plus I cut out crisps and chocolates/sweets. And only eat those things occasionally.

I don't know of any sites in particular. But there is the fodmap diet. Here is some info:


Again I haven't been tempted with diets, so can't comment on if they ease symptoms. X

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Thank you very much .

Funny as I truly eat healthy and work out as well but past few months managed to put on weight without even eating unhealthy 😞 I can not understand it at all !

Will definitely try with the dairy .


In terms of diet you need to first try and reduce oestrogen levels by freeing up your liver from chemicals so that oestrogen it is metabolised as efficiently as possible. Taking milk thistle is a good liver cleanser (get from health food shops) then you must cut out chemicals as much as possible so this means not eating processed foods. Get used to cooking everything from fresh ingredients and only eat a little red meat and exchange for chicken and fish with lots of fresh fruit and veg. Caffeine is extremely bad as it can cause oestrogen levels to be greatly raised so cutting this out altogether can be a huge benefit - if you need coffee switch to decaf. To try and combat inflammation the biggest thing you can do is cut out dairy. That means commercial supermarket milk and cheese that is from black and white cows as this contains A1 casein and this is one of the most inflammatory proteins we can consume. Goat milk/cheese is much better as it doesn't have the same inflammatory factor. Alcohol can also cause inflammation so best not to drink too much. Try and cut down or cut out bread and sweet things. For fat use olive oil in moderation as this actually lowers bad cholesterol. Some people seem to virtually cut everything out but that can lead to a very poor diet that can only bring new problems. So I should try these things.


Thank you very much . That's so helpful . I had no idea about some of those things .

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Wow I didn't know that caffeine raised oestrogen levels b


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