Mirena fitted to protect from endo...weight GAIN!

Hi. I had two laparoscopy back February this year and I've been treated for severe endometriosis/ cysts removed. I was also on prostap that time ( 6 months all together) When I saw my doctor for final discharge 3 months after surgery he said I should have mirena coil to prevent endo back.

It is 5 months now with mirena and I must say it helps with periods and pain a lot. I barely bleed. But... I'm rapidly gaining weight. I am this person who was always skinny and I could enjoy eating whatever I wanted and how much I wanted. Never on diet! People was always telling me I'm too skinny so even if I tried to put little weight on to make me look bit better I couldn't.... until I got mirena fitted! It is only 5 months and I can see additional 13/14 pounds more on the scale!!! I'm devastated as I had to buy some vlose size up and I'm still gaining! I'm thinking to having this thingy removed as I can't afford to be any bigger and I feel uncomfortable with additional kilos already. Apart af that I'm also very tired and I lost interest in everything... literally everything. Could sleep all the time., and still tired:( Anybody with similar experience, please help me. I need to make right decisions as I don't want also endo back and painful periods:(. Sad as I had so much hope in this device:///

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  • Mirena is hit and miss. Some get on with it and some don't. I had a terrible time with my first one non-stop bleeding. Just had my second, as my consultant was desperate for me to give it another try. If you can hold out for another 6-months perhaps your weight will stabilise, everyone told me it will get better when i had my first one in. In the end i waited 11 months before demanding it was taken out. This time i am determined to give it another fair shot, 11-12 months. If your weight stabilises perhaps it will be the solution you are looking for. Can you look at your diet and exercise and maybe make a few small changes that might prevent further weight gain? And a stone heavier, but to be pain and period free could be a worthwhile compromise? Although if the weight gain doesn't slow/stop within another 3-6 months after looking at diet and exercise, i'd say get it out - or at least that's what i would do. I don't feel like i've been much help sorry!

  • Thank you tmc 182. I think it will be silly to let go now and having it out straight away because of few kilos more... it helps a lot for my endo . I will try what you suggest and maybe try to eat healthier and less...maybe some exercise too but I must admit that I'm tired even from thinking about it lol :D

    I will give it a try for another few months and if nothing change I will take it out. Fingers crossed it will improve! Thanks xx

  • Lol i know what you mean about healthy eating and exercise - i need to practice what i preach! Before my lap on 9th Nov i was eating healthily, juicing, and riding my bike 80+ miles a week. Now nothing - i am struggling to eat anything and the thought of veg turns my stomach! I did a tentative 3 miles on my bike yesterday, which resulted in pain and cramps. I am trying to tell myself to stick with and it'll be a cure all but motivation is lacking! Good luck, hope it works for the both of us :)

  • Haha! Wow your bike score was so good ! If you've done it before u can do it again ! know ... it's not easy to back on track with exercises after break and it's cold now...and dark wrrrrr :/ before my last lap I was taking yoga classes but now even mornings stretch hurts haha! Well ... we'll get there eventually;) take care x

  • Hi

    I have gained 1/2 a stone (sorry only do metric!!!) I feel hungry all the time and I am overweight any way. The coil hasn't helped me with pain or bleeding but i am hoping to give it longer. I am trying not to eat regular meals and be aware of the constant hunger. I hope to avoid radical surgery or a medical menopause. good luck and hope things get better xx

  • How long you've got your coil? I remember I struggled with some pain for first few weeks but now it is amazing! Love it apart of gaining weight. 0.5 is not bad ... I scored over stone now! Let's keep waiting and give it little more time ...we will se what happens;)

  • Hi

    I have had it for 6 months I have heard some people saying it took over a year to get sorted. My pain is not better, I have a gynae check up in a few weeks time.

  • Little update ... I stopped gaining the weight so I will pleased with the coil if it stays like that. Fingers crossed all bad symptoms will settle down soon :)))

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