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Weight gain :(

Hey ladies,

Hope you're all well.

As most of you who have been following my posts know, I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet, still awaiting a lap to see if it is. Doctors think very likely, but I don't know..

One year ago today, I was TWO STONE LIGHTER!!! I don't eat a lot of crap, I skip meals and I know that can make you often gain weight rather than lose weight.. but this is so frustrating.

I'm finding it harder to fit in to clothes, to feel and look good. It's getting me down, I even got a fit bit to motivate me, but can't seem to shift the weight.

I began eating breakfast, lunch and evening meals and drinking a lot more water, and have been doing this for a while now, still no changes.

One day I'm 70 kg the next 74.9 kg etc...so I only see flactuation, no actual difference.

Can someone please advise me on how I can lose this extra weight and go back to my small size 8 again!!! :( Slimming world, etc is no help to me, I know about healthy eating and exercising and still I see no results :(

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I wrote a post exactly like this a few days ago! I've gained around 3st in a year and a half!

I'm like you awaiting a lap to be diagnosed and wasn't sure if the weight gain was endo related but perhaps it is!


About 3 people I know have gained weight due to endo, my gynae DR even asked if I have had weight gain and i didn't know so I said I don't think so but I definitely have, finding work uniform etc a real struggle at the moment, even just fitting into my jeans which fit me one week the next they don't!!! :( :( :(

Hope your lap goes well xxx


I'm in the exact same place as you, waiting for lap and have gained weight, I thought it was just me, so I'm pleased to hear other people are finding the same. Sorry I can't offer much help! Maybe wait until you've had your lap then focus on trying to loose then :)

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Ah maybe it is a common endo sign, as so many dr's have asked me about weight gain and I sit there like ummm.... i don't weight myself.

I've only just noticed it with clothes and in pictures :(

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I'm not dignosed either but I get really bloated a week before my period to the week after its done.

I try to wear dresses with an empire waist made out of stretchy material that's also flowy.

I'm 17 and was underweight for ages (5'3 110 pounds), so I can't speak from my experience but I can give a workout plan that I follow for scoliosis and cramps from my physiotherapist

5 Bird dog on each side (1 arm in front opposite leg in back- inhale, and bring to centre- exhale)

30 second break drink some water

1 min Russian twists inhale at centre exhale on sides

30 seconds breathe while staying in child's pose and drink some water

1 min high knees

Walk and drink water

5 mountain climbers

10 second side plank

20 second plank (keep adding more time, the minute you start shaking stop and breathe)

Then do yoga for about 6 minutes:

Dancers pose




Make sure to take breaks and know your body, if it's to much stop: the time frame is just a max number for everything but planks. Take 1 day off between workouts.

And the best part about theses is you don't need weights!!! (Although once your stronger you can incorporate them into the workouts, I have 2, 5, and 8 kg and 1 kg ankle/wrist weights)

Also if you like dancing, dance then do some yoga, belly dancing is good for strength, health, and many other things including singing.

Hope that helps xx


Exercise is dependant on where you workout from and what you target.

Some people will lose weight from certain workouts while others don't, always remember to pull your tummy into your spine (I know that sounds weird).

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You are a star! thank you I will try this, I'm 18 so it's nice to hear someone so close in age is struggling with this too.

I can not dance but find like just dance games funny hahaha but never know if that's considered exercise...you're still dancing!!! xxx


Your welcome:)Thanks

Yup, I feel kinda isolated when I talk about endo to friemds because it's misinterpreted as an older woman's disease.

If you dance for 20-30 minutes I'd consider it a workout, just always remember to stretch. My favourite dance is Rasputin from the dance games (I think just dance).

Also another thing I forgot to mention just incase if you don't like stretching sing while doing it, it helps with breathing (my musical theatre choreographer taught me that) because I used to get dizzy when I sung.

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Ahh brilliant I'll give it a go, I work rotational shifts so don't have time for gym etc but try to excercise as much as possible! will have to give this a go !!

I completely understand how you feel isolated, I have no friends which makes things worse for me but no one understands endo much unless they have it or possible diagnosis, I have had to research a lot to know about it and ask doctors... I'm only a message away if you ever need to talk x


Aww thanks:)

That's too bad:( u can message me too, I'm in Canada so I might reply a little late.

Believe it or not my gyn told me to google endo and said I was infertile during my first pelvic exam, then she handed me papers on treatment options. I wish there were more things on the media about endo and other women's health related issues, like you'll get a commercial on erectile disfunction but never on female reproductive issues:(

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I totally understand about not being able to go to the gym, by the end of the day you run out of time or the gym has already closed.

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Could have written your post - so frustrating and depressing. I used to have a flat stomach and in the last year the small tire around my waist has developed no matter what I do. I eat a strict gluten-free, dairy-free diet with high amounts of fruit and veg and limited carbs (brown rice, occasionally potatoes etc). I don't exercise nearly enough because of the fatigue but I'm not that sedentary.

I think a lot of it is due to bloating and water retention so recently I've started drinking much more water to try and help that. I've also started a daily yoga routine to try and help with my core strength and flexibility. I'll let you know if it makes any difference.

Sometimes my stomach is so swollen i can't button my jeans or wear anything tight. It's horrible and depressing and when you all ready are in pain, not being able to wear your clothes just adds to it. I know that a lot of people would probably think that's a ridiculous thing to say (isn't your health more important etc...) but the fact is, the weight gain and swollen belly or uterus is a symptom of the edno so it's an invasive constant reminder, besides the pain, bleeding, fatigue, that your body is not working correctly.

I feel like the hormonal fluctuation has a huge impact on ALL our hormones, not just estrogen (obviously) and as such our metabolism is effected, insulin, testosterone etc. All those things will impact how and where you gain weight.


It's horrible, I fit into so many clothes 1-2 months ago and now they won't even zip let alone button up, I've broken two skirts today trying to squeeze into them, and my managers aren't understanding so forcing me to wear black trousers and I can only find one pair at home that still fit me, too thick for this heat.. and so uncomfortable. I prefer leggings for comfort and not the see through ones, thick enough so underwear is covered! so i don't see the problem... it's getting me so down at the moment :(


I find the leggings from Victoria's Secret pink are the best at underwear coverage, I've tried a lot of brands and their the best so far.

A way to fix skirts if their 'button ups' is move the button till its bigger (I had a school uniform) Or for any kind of skirt put an insert in, or cut the waist band and thread elastic through with a safety pin.

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We're not allowed to wear leggings regardless of how thick or thin they, it's so annoying and I'm too fat for skirts but may try giving button ones a go :(


Dress codes are a pain in the butt:(Can you maybe wear capri's?


I could have written this post myself. What gets me down is that people must think I over eat or I'm lazy. It just doesn't shift. I hate feeling 'dumpy' as I call it. I'm short too so extra pounds really show. Before I became ill I was around 8 & half st. At my heaviest I was 11.2 . In order to lost weight I feel I have to practically starve myself. It's disappointing when you follow a healthy eating plan and hear of others losing so much weight and yours isn't budging. Yesterday I decided to try again. Going to cut down on alcohol, cut down (but not out) on carbs, go the gym. I did find interval training on the treadmill helped me but it's not very kind to my knees! I'd like to understand the the exact science behind why it's so difficult, I know it's hormone related. Sorry not much help but I understand. It's hard to keep yourself motivated when you don't see results.


Hey, thanks for your reply.

I'm 5ft so I understand, the weight really does show! My arms are getting bigger, my thighs have always been chunky but I noticed they're bigger by two scars I have which have sort of moved placement due to weight gain and now I look pregnant!!! Even colleagues have called me fat, going from 7 st to 8.5 to now 12... I am heart broken.

I eat healthily, I don't work out as much as I should but I'm not sedentary so I exercise frequently and even just walking all day around work etc, I work in a hospital.

Ah I have bowed legs from my chemotherapy years ago, so I find treadmill etc very uncomfortable, this is so frustrating and angers me so I'm seeing my GP this week for advice, I also think the mini pill might be causing me weight gain but I'm not sure :( hope you find something that works for you!! x


I could have written this too :( i am only 5'1 myself and i used to be so slim. Now with endo and all the "treatments" i have been on it, i am 20 kgs overweight. And everyone, even my family members who see me day in and day out in pain think i am lazy :( Its so hard to explain why you need to rest so much when you look ok physically. I was on lupron for 7 months and then 2 failed ivfs during which my doctor put me on steroids and i gained close to 12 kgs. When i went back this time, he was like "you need to lose weight". I felt like screaming...she was the one who put me on all these horrid drugs and made me gain weight.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Lately i have been trying very hard to lose weight. In general, i find that if i don't eat anything for at least 4-5 before i go to bed, it helps. At least psychologically its very helpful to see a lower number on the scale in the morning, helps you stick to it. I also got a fitbit and i try not to go to bed without logging in at least 10k steps even if i have to slowly walk around my living room in circles. I cant manage it always due to pain, but i try very hard and it is helping. I also sip cucumber, mint and ginger water through the day.

I hope you will be able to lose weight soon and feel good about yourself. I am sure you don't look as bad as you think. Please don't worry about what your colleagues say, they sound like idiots and they don't know the struggles you have to go through. I know its easier said than done, but i have found the hard way that either i can worry about myself or everybody else, i dont have the energy to do both. So now i choose to focus on myself, i hope you can too. Good luck.

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I always say I'm 5ft 1" but I'm pretty certain I'm not lol. My legs have always been big even when I was under 8st. I used to really struggle with buying trousers becuaue they would be huge on my waist and fit my legs or fit my waist and be tight on my legs but now I found I have put loads of weight on around my middle (which I'm pretty sure is hormonal and from the treatment I was on before).

Its so frustrating if you are doing all the right thing and not seeing results. if you're like me you dont really feel 'yourself' if that makes sense. You feel like a different person when your clothes dont fit and you feel different. Your work colleagues sound like a horrible bunch of people. Some people just dont think. At least you arent like those people on the inside!

I do think the pill can make you put on weight I remember when I was on it and I put on weight. I'm have the Mirena coil now and it has definitely helped me with my pain. I hope the doctor can help. x


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