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Shoulder tip pain during period

Hi I've been suffering with endo since I was 18. I've had several ops to remove it and tried different contraceptives over the years but never found anything I've really suited due to the side effects! Now been told that my only option is to have a hystercomy to stop the pain and heavy periods but as I'm only 32 and don't have any kids yet I'm not going down that route for a few years at least!

I had my last op last August where they removed adhesions and endo. Took me a few weeks to recover this time but guessing was de to so many ops but had a reaction the ansthestitic which has never happened before and had to stay in overnight. Since then the pain was a lot better but has now increased and my periods are getting heavier each month! Sex is also a big no no as just too painful! For the last few months I've been getting pains in my shoulder tips for 1st couple of days of period which is when I am most heaviest (wearing towels and tampax together but having to change every hr or so) has anyone else had this sort of pain?

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Yes I get shoulder pain with every flare up!

Every gynaecologist I have mentioned it to laughs at me and tells me it's nothing related but both my GP and I know it's 100% related.

It may be the bloating pushing up or it may be referred pain. A big sign of a miscarriage in early pregnancy is shoulder pain so to me I think it is perfectly understandable for endo to cause the same pain. But as I said, the "specialist" say it's not.

I have also spoke to lots of ladies with endo who get shoulder pain too.

Hope you feel better soon!! And good for you putting your foot down when the only option you have been given is a hysterectomy. take care xx


In total agreement with all the posts on this subject.

David b Redwine MD on his website discusses shoulder pain.

Generally it's the right shoulder :- Seoud Saleh Yassin also writes about " Arm hypochondrial and shoulder pain proved to be due to Endometriosis. I can continue..

Shame specialists have to doubt the people who are suffering with these varied symptoms. I was continually fobbed off in my 20s by belittling Doctors. Thankfully times are now slowly changing.

I find diet can help reduce symptoms. I purchased several cook books for inspiration. It difficult to stick with but in my case it's stopped me having labour like pains on my period. Anti flammatory foods are the key.

Hope you have some relief and persevere with answers and treatment.

Best of luck xx


Hi, I used to get right shoulder pain when I had periods and my understanding is endometeriosis on diaphragm. I don't have periods with medications but I still get shoulder pain now on left and right. I am hoping the consultant will have a good look at diaphragm when I have my laparoscopic surgery....


Shoulder pain can be due to diaphragm endo, and anyone that has been diagnosed with endometreosis should be trying there up most to get refferal to a true specialist in a bsge specialist centre, xxx


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