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Extreme leg pain before period

Hello ladies I hope you're all okay today..

Along with my usual left sided pelvic pain I have daily which really worsens before my period and around ovulation, I've just had the most painful front thigh pain mostly in the left leg which started 2 days before I came on and once I started my period the pain went away. I do experience leg aches at certain times of the month but this was so painful and it was very hard to walk and stand and even sit. First day of my period I did have very painful cramping and nausea ( which isn't with every period )but other than that my periods are manageable it's the before pain which is so debilitating.

Can anyone relate to having more pain before there period than with there period ? And also the really painful thighs ? Ive been referred to pelvic pain clinic and its been suggested that more than one thing is going on causing all my problems. I had a lap 2 years ago and had a chocolate cyst removed and adhesions on my bowel in general gyne..

Thanks for reading X

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Hi Charlie, I can relate to your leg pain. I wonder if you have endo on or near some of the nerves in that area which would give you leg pain such as femoral nerve, lateral and sciatic nerves. I can't remember them all but Kindle is good at knowing which ones might be irritated. I see an osteo and my hip flexors and IT band get tight which causes groin/leg pain too so getting a massage or some to help stretch them might help. I think its referred pain.


Hi SusiePg thanks for your reply. I'm sorry you are getting similar pain too it's horrible isn't it, that would make sense to be some sort of referred pain I too get the groin pain which is where alot of my pain is and around ovulation I get alot of sharp pain in vagina so femoral nerves would fit with that. I'm worried about having more surgery and it making it all worse tbh I don't know what to do for the best, I think I should look for an osteopath for sure. I did see a pelvic physio couple weeks ago but she just checked the pelvic floor an inch in and said there was a lot of muscle tension but she's referred me to pelvic pain clinic as she's thinking something else is happening. If I have an examination that gos deep that's when I get very bad pain so just hoping for some answers soon as this has been going on for 2 years now.. Best wishes x


Hi, hope your having a lovely weekend! I can relate to all what you have said. I can get leg pain for a few days before starting a period and I also get severe lower back pain. The pain can last between 7-10 days before I then bleed! It's getting me down as I spend half the month in pain. I've come off the depo 6 months ago as I am trying for a baby. The specialist tells me there is nothing they can do as I'm conciously trying for a baby. Each cycle is getting worse with the pain and bleeding so all the specialist says is the sooner I get pregnant the better. That doesn't really help me though as just gets me down.

I also get more pain before my period than actually on it if that makes sense


Hi Rachel28MrsA, thank you so much for your reply it really does help to hear from others that they are having similar problems ( not that I would wish it on anyone ) I'm sorry your suffering too, its so hard isnt it. Its just so mentally draining being in pain so much and not knowing when it will end! i do hope you fall pregnant soon.

I just get so confused with what is going on so its good to know that its not just me getting worse pain before my period. Do you know where your endo is with it causing the leg and back pain? I seem to have about a week after my period and a few days here and there but once I start ovulating and then building up to period it's just awful. Im also getting terrible back pain too which is as disabling as the leg pain I don't feel 37 I feel more like 77!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend- best wishes x


Hi Charlie hope your well,

Was reading your post and I have the same problem your experiencing. I have for atleast 10 years had excrutiating pain in my left shin like sharp piercing pain and it starts roughly a week before my period. It starts with a mild shooting pain then as the week goes on it is a constant stabbing pain that can bring you to tears. Sleep during this week is virtually impossible.I have seen GPs and had physio also had an MRI but can get no further help or route to the cause other than anti inflammatory tablets. I understand your pain is very real and would appreciate any advice on anything else I can do to end this awful pain.

Thankyou Molly


Charlie-36 mee to having periods since 10. It is intolerable for me. Every month i just burst into tears.. It is devil in my life. 😑 I also think if I am the one. I cant do anything, can't sleep, can't walk, can't sit. Dont know what will happen after my marriage.. Because, then i'll have to take many responsibility. Seriously, I am afraid of this.

Now i am 26, but the pain does not fade away.


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