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Hi all - I am new to this forum and new to potentially having endometriosis. I am scheduled for a laparoscopy to both diagnose and perform excision of a number cysts found on and around both ovaries. My operation is scheduled only 7 days before my next period is due. I was wondering if anyone else has had their laparoscopy so close to their next period? I've read up and a lot of women say their period after the surgery is the worst which makes me nervous that they will be so close together. I also read nausea/vomiting is worse when the surgery is during the luteal phase right before your period.

In summary, has anyone had their surgery right before their next period was due and how did you fare? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi, I had my first day of my period day of the surgery so as far from the first period after as you can be. It was pretty painful. Dr explained that its undoing some of the healing. It was longer and very painful and I needed lots of rest. But on a positive note the periods since have been alot less painful now the endo and cyst have been taken out.

  • Hi there! Sorry that you're going through this. I had surgery 4 months ago. I was bleeding almost constantly then and had very large cysts on both ovaries. I had a D&C something that I didn't know they would do but that meant I didn't have a period until 6 weeks after surgery. Also, they wanted me on birth control right away which would prevent future periods but I didn't take it. One more thing is that I asked my doc to save my ovaries if he could because I still want kids in the future. I hope this helps!!

  • Hmm, I've seen this question come up before. My surgeon didn't even mention my cycle when it came time to my lap so I don't think it impacts how the surgery goes. I got my period about two weeks after my lap (it seemed to delay my cycle slightly) and it wasn't that bad, just a bit more crampy.

  • My period came 3 days after my lap and ovary removal and while it was painful I wouldn't have said it was any worse than usual as I was on post op pain meds and off work. Hope that helps. Good luck with the upcoming surgery x

  • Hey Hun. After I had my laparoscopy I bleed for 7 weeks which was a bit long but they said its normal to bleed up to 4 I think it is. It does matter if you come on before they will still do it. I was very sick after my sugary they kept me in I think it's the cocktail of drugs they give you can be too much. I've got another one Monday.

    Hope all goes well for you xx

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. I did ask my doctor and she said the cycle has no impact on surgery or recovery. I was just curious because I have read a lot of anecdotal stories and research saying otherwise. Sounds like there will be bleeding/pain regardless of period or not. This is my first one - very nervous!

  • How did you get on?

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