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Awaiting laparoscopy

Hello everyone.

I'm fairly new to all of this, I'm 27 and am awaiting a laparoscopy to confirm a possible diagnosis of endometriosis. The thing is I never had what I would call symptoms before this.

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in September, due to this I had a vaginal exam/scan to ensure I had a complete miscarriage, it was during this scan they actually discovered I had a 7cm cyst on my right ovary. I am now due to have a laparoscopy on 5th February to have this removed and to hopefully get rid of any more endometriosis adhesions that may be present. I really don't know what to expect and I'm a little daunted by all this. How long will I have to take off work? I'm self employed so recovery time is essentially money I can't afford to lose!

My symptoms before were mildly present I guess, but i think it goes to show not everyone is as educated and some women just don't talk about periods to each other. I didn't realise feeling sick a week before my period was due wasn't entirely normal. Or those occasional stabbing pains shouldn't be as bad, I had mild symptoms though compared to some I have read about. I have always had the back pain issue but again thought this was normal as was never severe. It has only been since the miscarriage that my symptoms have got far far worse and it's causing me an immense amount of pain. I was taken into a&e on Christmas Day with severe right pain in the abdomen (suspected a smaller cyst may have burst) it wasn't until I had paracetamol, codeine, morphine and gas and air that it was reduced to a small ache.

How do you cope with this pain?

I have been a live in carer for the past 4 years but I'm going to have to stop with this sudden influx in pain, I can't look after a 91 year old when I can barely stand up straight sometimes and I'm not sleeping properly.

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I think we dont talk about our periods enough and there is a belief, held by ourselves and others, that we should just get on with it. I cant remember the amount of doctors appts Ive had, since I was 13 (now 33) where i was told its just painful periods nothing can be done. I knew the pain was too much but couldnt get anyone to listen till finally in 2014 I had a lap and Stage 4 endo was diagnosed and treated. Still get the pain during periods but its being treated, and where its been removed from my ligaments I have more movement

After my lap I had about a week and a half off and then was on light duties for a week, which considering i was travelling in to London, was not long enough. I was exhausted and moving about too much can be a struggle


Did you feel like you couldn't take more time off?

I'm self employed and my partner is struggling to find enough work on the agencies to support both of us whilst I'm off. I don't think I can realistically take more than a week off but with my job I can't just fling myself back in.


Hiya, I describe my experience of a laparoscopy on my blog but I am very honest! Xx


Yes, this is what I needed to read! Thank you so much, it's nice to hear first hand experience of the procedure and not just the medical side of things.

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I hope it didn't freak you out too much! 😉 You'll be fine, it's not pleasant but like I say in the blog, once it's over at least you get an answer and you know what you're dealing with xx


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