Laparoscopy Recovery in time for Christmas?

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could advise regarding anticipated recovery for laparoscopy.

I was reviewed in clinic in October after an ultrasound scan which showed a 10cm right ovarian endometrioma. I am scheduled for a diagnostic lap and dye test with cystectomy on December 23rd. I should be discharged on Christmas Eve. Before all of this I had booked to go for Christmas DInner at a local restaurant with my family. Am I likely to be well enough to go for this, or should I expect to have to cancel? What is your experience of recovery post laparoscopy?

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  • I had a laparoscopy and had 3 spots of endometrial tissue removed. My surgery was outpatient so I went home the same day. I was definitely feeling better but was a little sore. I had surgery in Tuesday and went back to work and school by Thursday. It is important to walk around a little. This will help with the soreness and keeps all your other muscles working so they do not get stiff. Do not overdo because you can actually cause more damage. I would say play it by ear. If you feel too tired stay at home. Ask your family to bring you a doggie bag.

  • Personally I would not go. People seem to forget that although the lap scars are small you are still healing inside even with a diagnostic lap. Your health is much more important. SLDRWFE is right, if you overdo it you can cause more damage essentially bleeding inside and this can cause other problems.

    Have a Happy Xmas anyway and hopefully you will get some answers.

  • hi. I agree with sally. Im sure its not the answer u were hoping for but I would say u definitely wont be upto to going out. I could barely even get out of bed for the first week after my procedure and was constantly tired. Ive explained to my children and family that Christmas this year is going to be a bit different. the most important thing is for u to rest and recover. hope all goes well on the day for u. take care x

  • Listen to how your body feels, but don't overdo it for one day to then be recovering for weeks. Everybody is different, but I wouldn't expect you to be well enough.

    Best of luck with your operation on the 23rd xx

  • It took me 5 weeks to go back to work after my lap. I struggled with pain terribly. I personally wouldn't go but if you feel well enough to then do. Hope all is well for you x

  • I'd say no. I know there are some women who miraculously recover in a few days, but even on that time frame 25th would be early if you're having it the 23rd. It depends what they do as well - the cystectomy will most likely take some time to recover from.

  • I would also say no. Obviously everybody is very different - the lady in the bed next to me was up and bright as soon as she came round, I looked and felt like I had been hit by a train! It took me a week to feel like I could function fairly normally but was still sore and became tired quite quickly. Don't let that scare you though - alot of rest makes you feel better with little walks inbetween to release the gas. You will still enjoy xmas :) just going out might be too much for you!

  • it also took me 5 weeks before I was ready to go back work. after reading some stories on here I too thought id be back on my feel a lot quicker than it actually took. take care x

  • Hi, I had my laparoscopy in early November as a day surgery - I was really tired for the first couple of days and the shoulder pain caused by the gas used wasn't great for about 36 hours. I would suggest taking it easy - I was able to go for short walks quite quickly but it took a couple of weeks to feel up to going out/socialising. See how you feel, but don't be surprised if you'd prefer to sit on the sofa watching rubbish tv!

  • I agree with other comments - I struggled to go back to work for 2 weeks. I did leave the house after 3 days for about 30mins and came back exhausted. The surgery can take a lot out of you and you should only do what you can when you feel ready. Sorry if its not the answer you were looking for. The 1st 3 days were the worst with the gas build-up but after that cleared it was just feeling really sore/tender and getting up out of a chair was still a mission for a while! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your Christmas either way xx

  • Thanks everyone. I kind of thought that myself, and as I've already paid for it and can't get a refund I think there is no harm in just deciding on the day depending on how I feel. And at least on Christmas day the telly will be jolly and festive. :-)

  • I think you should listen to all the responses because you can flip out and then you're back at hosp. Take it easy, relax and you'll still have a Blessed Christmas:)

  • Hi I hope your op goes well. I had the sand op on Friday and it is now day 4 . Feel plus but totally knackered. Gp has signed me of for 3 weeks. Feel sore where incisions where and pain in shoulders and belly swollen! I hope this helps and alls goes well. Snuggle up in your dressing gown and relax x

  • hi Debbie I wish I saw this post earlier, I had the surgery the same day like you how are you feeling? how long did it take you to recover ?

  • Hi LL123. I made it out for Christmas Eve, and managed to go out for dinner on Christmas day. Pain wise I wasn't too bad, but within the first week had to take pain relief as prescribed. I think my biggest problem has been post op fatigue - up until mid last week I was falling asleep on the couch at about 8 o'clock! I've had nearly 3 weeks off work, and go back tomorrow. How did you find recovery?

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