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Feeling rubbish!

Hello, I had keyhole lap, cystectomy and hystoscopy 3 weeks ago, I was told bladder and bowel are stuck and I will need open surgery. I've been put on a course of 3 months zoladex of which I had the first just over a week ago. I've had spotting now for 2 weeks and since the implant have felt rubbish. I feel tired all the time, starving but nauseas , bloated, I've been losing weight steadily for ) months, am doing nothing different and am now gaining weight, my tummy is uncomfortable and my back painful, what are ither people's exoeriences? I'm really worried about the future surgery but have appt with my specialist in 4 weeks so hopefully that will help. I have not felt any benefit from this horrid implant but am I being impatient?! Any help gratefully received! Thank you xx

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Hi, are you seeing a specialist at a specialist center?

My bowel and bladder have adhesion to my uterus but I will be having a keyhole surgery. At a specialist centre.


Hello, my consultant also practises at an endo centre and that's where she said I have to go for open surgery, I went to a small private hospital (on nhs) for keyhole but she said I need the bowel surgeon present and open surgery. My very nervous about it and actually feel considerably worse since the keyhole! As for the implant.... I've felt dire in the 9days since having that, just hoping everything settled down! Hate taking pain killers but have succumbed again this morning.... X


umm...I thought specialist centres do not perform open surgeries!

Sorru to hear about the pain, I am the same, pain killers are my last resourt. Hope you are not feeling too bad. x


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