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Failed laparoscopy attempt today-feeling pretty fed up and rubbish!

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Hi, I'm new to the site and never normally sign up to forums however, I have relied on sites like this for all my information on Endo and treatment.

A little bit about my situation...

I came off the pill 18months ago I'm view to trying for a baby however irregular periods, pelvic pain, IBS like symptoms and infertility led to various scans, blood tests and finally today my laparoscopy and dye.

The operation was abandoned after 3 attempts at trying to insert the instrument used to inflate your abdomen. I was given no reason why just that "it's one of those things"

I'm now having to wait for an appointment with the specialist surgeon in order for him to repeat the the same procedure.

Needless to say I'm fed up, dreading another GA and the different scenarios I maybe faced with. Still so many questions unanswered.

Your comments will be appreciated... Thank you x

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I am so sorry, that is rubbish.

I remember when I woke from my hysteroscopy and was told that they found nothing when they thought I had fibroids. What was worse was my collegues didnt get why I was bummed.. they assumed it was good that nothing was found even thought i had explained that this simply meant i had to have more surgery (laparoscopy) to look for endometriosis.

It was an option for me to have a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy at the same time but the surgeon decided against it.... I am glad they stayed within their own competence levels so having said all this It is good that your surgical team knew when to stop and didn't try to force it if they were getting nowhere... it would be easy for them to want to "succeed" but instead they are hopefully going to get you a more experienced surgeon to do the procedure.

In the long run it is the keep you safe x

I hope this helps xx

Thank you for your reply! One of the biggest things that bugs me is that people just understand or believe what you go through, however bad the symptoms may/may not be. I guess I should feel lucky that it will be done with more experience but gutting to go through it all again.

Pain today for no reason as I still have the cut in my belly button :'(


I know how you feel as this happened to me too. I was having a laparoscopy to get endo diagnosis. They managed to get the gas in but couldn't get the other instrument in - they tried three times but abandoned the procedure as they'd lost the gas by then. So upsetting when they told me because your in pain from the incisions and gas pain but with no answers and a lot more questions wondering what's wrong with me? Why was stopping the instrument getting in?

To cut a long story short at a different hospital I had another laparoscopy to drain an endometreoma on my left ovary. The surgeon there too couldn't get the instrument through my belly button but then successfully got the instrument in in my left about 3 inches to the left and slightly above my belly button. He too couldn't explain why he couldn't go through the belly button.

Hope this helps and good luck xx

Thank you also for your reply.. At least I know it's not just me but yes you hit the nail on the head, go through all the pain and hassle with no answers instead come away with more questions.

Hopefully your all sorted now, I think I still have a long road ahead. Fingers Crossed!


Im sorry to hear what a tough time you are having. lap can be stressful at the best of times, anticipating what they will find and if it will help your pain (and fertility). Perhaps ask for another consultant for the next one? its not fair that you should go through all the mental anguish of preparing for an op to not have any result. hopefully you will have a successful lap and it will tell them how to move forward and treat you. The diagnosis is the first step to getting better because then they know what they are dealing with. keep us posted and feel free to vent any time. we are a very supportive community xxx

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EssexGirl86 in reply to lm330

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and reassuring words.

It is hard, I was hoping to have answers yesterday and move forward. Now I'm left with even more questions and extra and technically un nessecary pain!

I am being refereed to the clinics surgeon who is guess is the top dog. It's just more waiting around, they did reassure me it wouldn't be 18 weeks but you can never be sure with NHS.

I have read some research and apperently it's not uncommon to not be able to insert instruments and can make larger cuts in other places, not sure why this surgeon couldn't do it but I suppose I should be greatful she didn't push her expertise and potentially cause more damage.

I'm just fed up of waiting around not knowing and feel bad for everyone around me. Feel like such a winger, you just can't explain to anyone who doesn't understand.

I don't normally sign up to forums but I'm glad I can talk about it with others who experience similar things xx

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