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Laparoscopy- still feeling rubbish at WEEK FOUR! 😩😭


I had my laparoscopy surgery four weeks ago now and I just can’t seem to feel myself again 🙁😭. I had removal of endometriosis under my left ovary and a polyp removed from my cervix. I also had the merina coil fitted.

I just don’t feel like I’m recovering properly. I have a constant pain in my left hip bone, left lower back and an area of pain on the left side of my ribs. I’ve tried every painkiller(Codine to tramadol ) and they do their job for a while but the side affects are awful 🤮. I also have stitches (dissolvable) still visible on both wounds - although I’m told by a nurse this is normal ?!

Does/Did anyone else feel like this. I feel like such a burden to everyone as I’ve missed a close family wedding, birthdays, general family time because I’m exhausted and really struggling!

Any help or advice would be more than appreciated.

Thanks for listening to my rant

K ♥️

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Hi Ka06,

So sorry to hear you're having a rought time. My first laparoscopy was a nightmare. I had similar to you stage 3 endometreosis, in my womb, right ovary over my ligaments and a twisted right ovary stuck to my womb. I also had an inch big madd removed from my gut and my intestine.

Please dont underestimate what your bidy has gone through. They love to quote a recovery if 2 weeks. But that's best case scenario. My 3rd laparoscopy was that recovery but not the first 2.

The pain in your rib may well be the gas releasing, I had a pain in my right rib after my most recent n it took me a day to work it out. Have you been resting a lot or maybe pushed your body too hard? Your organs do not like being touched and again, the first time they can really react badly and cause swelling which is so uncomfortable it feels painful.

To be on heavy pain killers 4 weeks after is not a good sign, and if it hasnt already it might start causing issues with constipation and give you cramps and stomach pain.

Have you tried ibroprofen after food? I found once I got the inflammation under control, the pain became much more manageable all round and I was able to move more which aided the recovery.

I'm not going to lie, I pushed myself so hard trying to keep up with how I "should" be recovering, my body just screamed no and shut down.

Try 1 week of taking it really gentle, laying more than sitting and taking gentle walks and at doctors ok taking some ibroprofen - there are big concerns from medical professionals at the moment of ibroprofen causing bleeds in the stomach, so as ever please get advice from gp where necessary.

Good luck, please be kind to yourself you've gone through a lot and your body is forever, if it needs an extra few weeks now, better that than damaging it permanently for the future.

Good luck in your recovery xxx


Thank you for replying.

It’s frustrating and really plays with your emotions but I now understand that it will take time! Wish they tell you this at the start rather than the “2 weeks”!

I’m doing a mix of paracetamol and ibuprofen as advised by the doctor. Painkillers are awful to take and the constipation does not help!!



Hi lovely, unfortunately I took a while to recover properly too, much longer than I anticipated. I'm almost 12 weeks post surgery and I'm still in the same pain that I was before, if not a little worse. My consultant said to monitor it for the next 6 months which I thought was a long time but I guess it really is just a waiting game unfortunately :( I'm really hoping it eases for you soon x

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The waiting game is the worse! It’s so hard to explain to others how you feel too!

Hope you are feeling more yourself soon and your consultant is helpful. X


Sorry to hear you’re feeling rubbish! I was the same (had my 1st one in January) I felt like a pain in the ass and got quite miserable about it. I started to feel better after my 4th week and then felt myself again at around 6 weeks. Honestly try not to feel like a burden. My mum and friends said if I was getting annoying they would tell me and would constantly remind me that the surgery is intense and painful. Just try to remember that you’re recovering and your body will take as long as it needs. Give yourself loadsa you time!

My stitches were in for about a month (don’t know why they say two weeks).

Hope you feel better soon and allow yourself to have some me time!



I do feel so miserable and annoyed at myself!!

The stitches are not budging at all - feel like they have become a permanent part of me! 🤦🏽‍♀️

I will continue to take it easy and see how I go



Think my stitches took a month and a half at least to dissolve the last time but they’re gone now!

Hang in there and really take it easy. It sounds like you can’t expect to be back to your normal self or usual levels of activity for at least a few more weeks, which is not unusual in of itself. You won’t always feel this way. xx


My stitches wouldn't dissolve so my nurse pulled them out for me. Wasn't pleasant but my belly button was nearly infected xx


It does take longer than you'd think to recover - I went back to work after two weeks, but I was exhausted and emotional for at least a month after surgery. It varies between women how long it takes - I hope you start to feel better soon xx


Trust me, it took me 6 weeks to feel kinda normal then a few months after that to feel the benefit of my lap a year ago. I had a massive cyst removed and all cleaned up inside. Floored me. I thought I would have been back to normal in 2 weeks lol x

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