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Feeling rubbish as usual


Today I have spent most of the day in tears........I can not remember the last day I did not have tummy ache, I can not remember the last day I felt normal and pain free, I can not remember the last time I had a great day.......I wake up every day just wishing that my tummy didn't hurt and feel bloated and sore......my husband has given up asking how am I feeling as he can tell by my face that I feel crap, I am constantly in a rubbish mood, I snap at my little boy all the time and then feel terrible after.....my other 2 kids keep their distance.......I'm tired all the time.....I can't take strong painkillers during the day as I have to drive my kids too and from school......

Is it just me? Or does everyone with Endo feel like this? You put on this fake smile everyday when people ask are you ok.......NO actually I'm in agonising pain....and have been every day for as long as I can remember is what you want to say......" Yeah fine, are you" is what you actually reply.

Sorry everyone.....just needed a moan

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I feel exactly the same, even if I have a low pain day I'm to worried about doing to much cozvi no it will have an impact on how I feel the next day, I've not been diagnosed yet got my lap on 21st march, so hopefully there will be light at tephe end of my tunnel, keep your chin up, sending hugs

Yes thats how i always feel.. and no1 understands at all and think your just moaning.x

You have described the way I'm feeling absolutely brilliantly, it's so hard but your not on your own!!!

I say the same thing! People I think would be horrified if they knew what we go through!


Totally how I feel too- it's so frustrating isn't it. Hate feeling rubbish all the time it's just relentless. Just lately it's the tiredness that is getting me, just exhausted all the time- but we keep plodding on don't we!

Just how I feel - u paint on a brave face when in actual fact u don't even want to get up

Gosh feel the same too.. Wish we could all meet up to discuss rather than feeling lonely with it all x

Would be lovely to actually talk to someone who feels exactly the same......I don't feel as if I can talk to anyone as they don't have a clue how bad the pain gets.......pain all the time is my normal now 😰😢

I just wish there was a cure for this horrific disease! It effects every aspect of our lives and our families. It's seems like there is no relief to the endless pain, exhaustion, emotion turmoil and battle to get treatment. My heart goes out to every single women who either has endo and or adenmyosis and the ladies who are struggling to get a diagnosis and treatment. It should be statutory for gps to be trained in endometriosis, adenmyosis and faster more supportive diagnosis and treatment from gps and consultants alike. Hugs to you all xx

Will send u an inbox message Rozalind x

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