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Pain is back and feeling rubbish

Hi all, hoping for some advice and support, sorry if I ramble!!

Got diagnosed with endo June 15, had a lap before when I got told I had retrograde menustruation, been told this may have been to start for the endo. Gyno told me to take pill without any breaks and after op changed from loestrin to rigevidon as emotions and hormones seemed to be all over the place and was crying for no reason sometimes.

At first following lap everything seemed to calm down and improve but recently I've been getting pains and problems with bowels, started seeing a consultant in Nov 15 for stomach and now having scans for crohns as there is potential I may have IBD.

Last month or so I've been having pain that felt like I was having a period and eventually had addition of some suspect discharge, got worried I was bleeding internally again. Tests have come back and apparently it's thrush. Reading up I've found there is known to be some links between combined pill (which I'm on) and thrush.

Really struggling at the moment crying lots and family are struggling to understand how it feels. Pain killers don't really help except when they are so strong that it means I can't drive which means I can't work so currently just dealing with the pain and not allowed anti-inflammatory drugs while they investigating stomach!!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Sorry again for rambling!

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Didn't want to read and run: can't help you but I hope you get some answers soon. Have you tried a TENS machine? Or can the doctors prescribe antidepressants to alter the brains perception of the pain? xx


Thanks for the reply haven't heard of those for pain management, think currently they need to see if there is anything they can find so feels like pain management isn't a high priority for the doctors right now. X


Hi I have similar problems to you not the exact same but I experience bowel problems and actually the past few days have had period pain even though I only had my period 1 and a half weeks ago. Anyway the pains led to some light bleeding which lasted a couple of hours and then went away again. I'm planning on going to the doctors but as of yet not sure why that happened. Like you I was initially a bit better after my lap but soon found pains creeping back. I'm currently not on any treatment but all hormone treatment made me very emotional. I still cry randomly now. I think endo alone can have affect on your emotional wellbeing. I can't offer advise as such but your not alone with some of these symptoms so I hope that helps you in some way! Take care x


Thanks for the reply. Yes I think part of it is just knowing you're not alone, don't know anyone else dealing with this and family don't get the pain and the emotional side! Specialists told me not to have any break so I never get the bleeding which is why this pain was not expected. Just been to Drs and they have given me something strong for evenings so hoping that might help the pain a bit. Hope you get everything sorted with yourself and get to the doctors if you're concerned, feel like I'm down there every week but sometimes you just need the peace of mind that it's not anything to worry about! X


Hi, Sf92! Look, we are not experts here. Some of us may have faced the problem like yours but this is too individual. I worry much about your condition really because the pain you describe doesn't allow you lead a normal life (even the fact you cannot drive because of it!) I think it's high time to see a good professional to clarify the reason. This cannot last longer and any waiting may play a bad trick on you! Don't get annoyed with my post, but as far as I understand and having experienced endo some time ago I just beg you to be very attentive to your health. Go straight to your doc!!

Strong hug for you x


Thanks, already seeing specialists for stomach so they are saying they need to investigate that first then if need be going back to see gyno. Drs have given me amotriptyline to take in evenings to add boost to pain relief so I can drive, if I could take anti-inflammatories they think the pain relief would be better but while I'm experiencing problems that may be gastro I can't take them!!

Thanks for the reply though mainly wondering if anyone had gone through rather than medical advice, just wanted to not feel so alone as no one in family has endo so hard to talk to them about it. X


Hi sorry to hear you are in pain, us women have to put up with so much. I'm struggling  at the moment with stomach ache , backache feels like the whole of my insides are aching.Think I need to see a doctor. Hope you get sorted.xx


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