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Rubbish GP visit today :(

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So today I had a review after being placed on the pill for 3 months. First time I’ve had to see this gp since my other retired and I’m not impressed. Every time she said endometriosis it was with “....” using her fingers. I said don’t use your fingers like that! If I had a lap to see once and for all we would know for sure and you wouldn’t need to do “that”. I was fuming!

She said I can’t blame my horrific nausea this week on “endometriosis” as it could have been anything. Funny how I was fine until about 8hrs into my period!! I can’t blame my bloating on “endometriosis” anything could have triggered it.

I left saying it’s peoples ignorance like yours why this “endometriosis” doesn’t get diagnosed for years as you brush the symptoms aside.

I left with a script for another 9. Yes 9 months more pills! If I have the nausea next month I can go back and see about something for that. Needless to say I am really peed off!!

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Omg I’m really sorry you had a bad experience. I’ve had a few gps who don’t believe me and I complained to the Practice manager who helped me a lot.

Bloating can be triggered by anything including gluten or diary intolerance which are common or just hormones etc. The nausea could be endometriosis or side effect of the pill

I was on the pill for a while and got so many bad side effects including nausea but after I stopped taking them, I only get this feeling during period and ovulation xx

I was 47 when I diagnosed myself with endometriosis. I'd had years of GPs and gynaes telling me that my horrific period problems were just "normal women's problems" or "nothing to do with my periods", my twice monthly tiredness was just me being run down and not taking enough care of myself and my constipation (for three years, needing to take laxitives regularly) was IBS.

Go back and insist on being referred to an endo specialist on the BSGE list. Your GP can't refuse to refer you, you just have to be pushy. An MRI can usually show up endo, so it doesn't even need a lap in most cases but GPs and even gynaes often don't know this.

Sorry to hear your gp sucks.

Book another appointment with someone else in your doctors practice. If your Dr isn't willing to help and get you referred, someone else might be. I tried a few different Drs all within my gp surgery before one agreed to refer me.

Thank you. I shall definitely ask to see another gp next time! X

I'm sorry to hear of your horrible GP experience. Hang in there and see another GP. I experienced a similar thing. My symptoms have gotten worse these last 4months so I have been pushing hard to be referred to a specialist. In the first month I saw 5 different GPs. First one laughed in my face when I asked if there was a possibility it could be endo. She asked me how I heard about it like it was a dirty secret I wasn't meant to know about. I went to a 4th GP for a 2nd opinion after I was diagnosed with IBS and he pretty much rolled his eyes at me and suggested that I should listen to the professionals instead of questioning them... I had to literally ask the final GP to refer me because I said this is crazy. 3 months on after seeing you almost weekly and you still don't know exactly what's wrong with me....

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