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Pain relief - mefenamic acid

Hi ladies,

So I went to see my doctor this week regarding all the pains I've been having recently and the severity of the pain, especially how my 30/500mg cocodamol weren't working.

The doctor prescribed me some tablets called mefenamic acid, which you take one tablet three times a day with or after food. They're mostly used for menstrual pains and migraines but they've been working wonders for my spine and pelvic pain. Only on day 3 of taking them, so it's still early days but so far taking them along side the cocodamols (the dr said you can??) have been working brilliantly to keep the pain at bay and really ease it off.

Just thought I'd update for any of you who may be in the same position and find that co codamol may not work great for you.

PS - Thanks for all the support on two of my previous posts - firstly I am OK! The doctors want to do more tests on me, and secondly I am not giving up on life, I think it was just one of those bad days... but thank you for being so understanding and supportive.

Lots of love xxx

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I combine mefenamic acid with Solpadol and that works well for me. I have a nurse friend who advises me on med combos to try. Very useful!

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Is solpadol only available on prescription as so many people have told me it's good x


Yeah it is, it's paracetamol based so can combine it with things in the Ibruprofen family. I only take 1 tablet, 2 makes me dizzy. It's like the younger sister of Tramadol which is some serious stuff!


solpadol is the same as co-codamol - it's paracetamol and codeine


Iv found that can't take cocodamol as alergic to codiene but found paracetamol works good in combination with mefenamic acid and tramadol


I take mefenamic acid for three to five days before the period starts and then I take codrydomol only.

I don't know what I think about it as the pain is still so bad I can't leave house


That's wonderful that mefenamic acid is working so well for you. I tried it and found it not to be that great. For me ibuprofen works better. Guess our bodies are all different...


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