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Endo.... The saga continues.... Mefenamic acid

Hi all, I've not posted on here for a couple of years now, I have recently been to the doctors yet again in the quest to try and find something to help my hormones and pains, as all of you I'm so fed up with having a good week out of a month then feeling totally poo for the rest, crying, angry, short fuse pain, it's a shitty circle, trying to remain positive and look for the rainbow in the rain isn't always easy , so we have given up on trying for a baby ( what with having uterus didelphys ) admidst the endo and cysts, so have now decided to go back on the pill, My Dr has just prescribed Mercilon for me alongside Mefenamic acid, I took my first MA tablet yesterday alongside co-codomol and feel absolutely rubbish now, I took yesterday late afternoon and within an hour or so my stomach was so swollen and uncomfortable ( My stomach looked like Winnie the pooh's on steroids! ) that I then took the co-codomol which Dr prescribed too, which made me feel even more spaced out , suffering a lot with lower back pain at the moment feels like someone as punched me in both sides of my lower back and abdomen feels bruised the oh joys of endo, I really don't like feeling so spaced out and not with it I feel completely foggy and groggy on another planet if that makes any sense, I'm looking forwards to starting the Mercilon and would love to hear from anyone that is currently on it and have found it has helped with the emotional side of this disease, I would also really like to hear about your experiences with Mefenamic Acid, I'm supposed to take it 3 times a day, I fear I will be a complete space cadet if I was to do that, I hadn't eaten a great deal prior to taking it but then I'm used to taking a lot of tablets and not eating much, I was using Tramadol and although that seemed to ease pain that too made me feel so spaced out, I seem to be very sensitive to tablets any recommendations please.

Thank you in advance 😊😊🌟🌈🌧☔️😂😜💤😱😡

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I've not taken Mercilon as I just don't get on with COC one bit, but I have taken Mefenamic Acid (3 times a day) and found it quite useless unfortunately! Everyone is different though so it may work great for you. My one piece of advice would be to make sure you eat plenty before taking the Mefenamic Acid, as it can be pretty strong on the tummy and can cause acid reflux.

I'm really sorry I don't have anything more helpful to say, but I really hope you find some relief and feel more yourself soon. xx

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Thank you Bluebirds, yes agreed I will try it again but make sure I eat plenty first, it didn't really seem to do much for the pain, if no joy next time will try something else. xx


I have been taking mefenamic acid regularly since I was 15 - it's similar to ibuprofen, so it could be the co-codamol that's making you feel spaced out. I did get some relief with the mefenamic acid before my endo got really bad, and if you take it before your period starts it is supposed to reduce how much you bleed. It can be hard on your tummy (but then so can the endo bleeding - its just so hard to work out what's the meds, and what's the disease).

Mefenamic acid is absolutely not on a par with codeine/tramadol pain relief wise though. It seems to be what GP's dish out the second anyone says period pain.


Thanks joreilly, 15 that's such a young age For you to of had to start dealing with it. Yes finding the right Meds is certainly a mission, hope you have yours sorted.xx


Hi can I ask have you been seen In a bsge specialist centre in the past, have you had thorough excision surgery???


Hi Tboag, I was treated at the Royal Princess Anne where I went to initially have a dermoid cyst removed from my right ovary, it was then that like in most cases they discovered the endo and that I have uterus didelphys I was in surgery for about 4 hours and it really took me a long time to recover afterwards mainly getting my hormones back on track I didn't find out for months down the line that they had actually cut open my ovary so I figure this had something to do with feeling like a complete hormonal wreck. I recently went back to see an apparent specialist who clearly knew nothing of my case ( we moved recently so prior to this last appointment with specialist I chased around my old doctors making sure all notes had been passed on, was informed they had but at appointment it was clear they hadn't) I really don't want to go back down the surgery route, but again how do we know if and what or where it has attached itself to now! As we were trying for a baby the contraceptive pill wasn't an option but now we know we can't I am happy to give it a try in a bid to calm some of my symptoms down, for me I really really struggle with my emotions and feeling fatigued so tearful, then angry, feel so bloody hopeless, i used to be a bit of a gym bunny and loved my running but the pains I get in my lower abdomen after about 10 mins of running stop me in my tracks have me bent over double feeling faint, sick shaking etc. I'm so lucky as my Husb is so so supportive of me but when you've got your bad days they are exactly that.

Would you suggest surgery again, how do you cope with your symptoms?


I have endometeosis, not knowing. At 18 I went on the pill and it helped. Microgynon 30. I was on this for several years, came off it, then got pregnant within 8 weeks, went back on it for 2 years and within 4 weeks got pregnant again, so it definitely helps to regulate you. I'm just thankful I went on it when I was younger as I wasn't aware I even had it. I came off it after my daughter (3 years) and now have had an ovarian cyst, c section hernia, ovarian pain and so heavy periods every 2 weeks, im definitely going back on the pill again.


I would suggest you get a refferal to a bsge centre and see what they suggest, I think the best course of action would be ti have another laparoscopy to check out what's going on, sounds like at the very least you need adhesions sorted, but more likely is that endo is back or missed originally , I don't know your history regarding conceiving but endo ladies best option to conceive is a thorough excision job done by a specialist in a bsge centre, xxx


I have mefenamic acid 3 times a day 500mg and feel fine. I take it with Solpadol too. Solpadol makes me feel a little dizzy but better than pain!


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