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Online Pain Relief Summit

Hello Everyone,

I just came across a 'Pain Summit' online due to start on Monday. painreliefproject.com

Each day there will be several presentations from various health experts on the subject of pain. I cannot vouch for the quality of it but some of the speakers are familiar to me. I have seen them talk online on other health related subjects and they have been very good.

Obviously pain is one of the biggest issues with endo. There might be something in these presentations that can help us when it comes to dealing with and reducing pain.

Just register for the free content and it will be available for a couple of days. Thereafter, you have to pay if you want to view a presentation after its timeslot.

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Thank you for sharing this! This is very interesting and very much along the lines of what I am discovering with my Sophrology studies and Endometriosis pain.. Since starting with Sophrology my use of pharmaceutical pain relief and the need for it has reduced considerably! I will be following this. Thank you


Hi Rainbowdream,

I've never heard of the word Sophrology but I looked it up and I am familiar with a similar technique. The term I've heard used is Guided Mental Imagery (GMI).

Hope you enjoy the summit!


Hi yes Brownlow, I think they are quite similar. In Sophrology we bring ourselves in to present time using our body sensations and then actually use physical sensations that our body gives us as a result of a happy thought to form more positive connections in the brain. When done often enough the negative thoughts just naturally occur less because we have retrained our brain to notice the happy events and feelings more. It can be a massive help for pain sufferers as well as for anxiety especially when we realise that our body isn't all about pain. I made a massive disconnect from my body in general with Endometriosis and was very fearful of trying this technique, but amazed 6 months on the changes it has helped me make with anxiety and pain.

Have a good Sunday. ;0)


Really interesting. Thanks. Sophrology seems to pull together several strands at once. I try to do mindfulness which broadly speaking is about pulling your focus into the present moment and observing bodily sensations without judgement. Trying to still the mind and let go of thoughts as they occur. Also focussing on breathing.

Where do you suggest a good place to start with Sophrology. I'd like to look into it and give it a try. Thanks.


If you want a taster Brownlow I am happy to help, but no pressure. I am studying for my Sophrology practitioner Diploma and am supposed to be running group classes for 6 people but finding this difficult to arrange. I am however taking a few individual classes on Skype as it is all good experience for me and ultimately where I want to be working in a years time, specialising in chronic pain management, anxiety and sleep. Failing that there are some places in London if you are in the London area. I will look online for you. Message me if you are interested in my help though and we can talk about a convenient time.

Best wishes

Jen x


Here you go there is be -sophro that I have heard good things about, but unable to paste the link here for some reason. Hope this helps


Jen x


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