Hi again ladies. Just want some advice on what pain relief helps iv had naproxen but can't tolerate it it makes me have the runs. Iv been on codeine and paracetomal mix solpadol which helps when pain isn't too bad now I'm on tramadol slow release which is not helping my severe pain at all I'm going to speak to doctor on Monday regarding meds just want to know if you have any suggestions it's making me so miserable I'm always tired and in pain I feel such a let down to my daughter and partner life just seems such a mission. Sorry for moan. Just some advice please on what I may suggest to doctor. Thanks for any replies.

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  • I tried everything and nothing helped until I went on dihydracodine which has been working most times :) however, I do now find I'm very constipated so maybe get some movicol or similar to help with that xx

  • Thanks for that I'll ask about it on Monday. Really don't like taking painkillers first time in ife iv resulted to them iv cut dairy out too which I have found has helped but pain is still intense more often than not. Xx

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