First post - Post Lap 28 days severe cramping 😢

Hi everyone I am 35 and diagnosed with endometriosis. Had 3rd lap 28 days ago and recovery has been slow, infected wounds and extensive bruising (so many wows from nurse/gp). Anyway last week I finally felt I was getting somewhere and was feeling great planning on returning to work, now last 5 or more Days I've been having severe period cramps (no period) to the extent of being woken up during the night....and bit of pain under ribs. Anyone else any idea what I should do? Also i had my mirena replaced whilst under.

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  • i would say, that sometimes, you get to that point where you start to feel really well after surgery, and we then start doing too much, and our bodies say no, take your time still. could possibly be the minera settling in? i only ever had one mirena so i do not know if it takes time to settle like a first one. have you had a period since the lap?


  • Thanks for reply maxine71

    No period yet but I haven't had one in a long time as had mirena and then was put on prostap 3 for 3 months prior to lap. So fed up atm thought I would be OK by now, thought this was gonna be a period but nothing! So glad I didn't go back to work last week when I was feeling good, another 2nd period of illness in a short space would have me in the you know what. Hate endo hate hate hate it!!

    Does anyone know if mirena replacement starts a whole new process of symptoms or does it just pick up where other left off?

  • i would say it was around 8 wks after my lap before i could actually say i felt back to normal, i kept thinking i was and then it would catch me unawares. and i know what you mean, i hate it too, its destroyed my life, my social life, my work, and i know there are people out there that think 'well she looks fine most of the time, get on with it'

    hope you find the answer with the mirena, i didn't have a great experience with mine, it was in for 20 months, so i gave it a fair go, but it made things a whole lot worse, hopefully somebody here has had it replaced and will know if a new one interrupts the hormones etc xx

  • Its a man's world Maxine!

    I just told my boss ill probably be another week.

    Big hugs to you xx

  • It's interesting to know the extent of other people's pain. I get woken up / can't sleep with pain about 2 weeks out of 4 every month. I'm thinking of visiting the GP again (already had 2 laps and lots of treatment). Any pain isn't normal so would visit the consultant again. It's such a bastard of a disease. Nobody can say what's a normal amount of period pain - is passing out, vomiting, not sleeping normal???

  • 2 weeks out of 4 is horrendous hun I would definitely visit gp. What pain relief are you taking? Xx

  • Just ibuprofen at the moment as tramadol etc makes me ill.

  • What about naproxen? Or Co codamol?xx

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