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3 months since getting the merina coil

You don't see a lot of these but mine seems to be a success story so far. Had one period with very little pain, only needed a couple of ibuprofen. Sex isn't sore anymore and my sex drive is back, had zero sex drive for a long time. Discharge has settled down. I've had way less of those big hormonal spots and few headaches. My appetite isn't as mental as it used to be and I've lost 5lbs. Going for a check up next week as the strings seem waaay far up and I can't feel them....actually got my bf to try and find them and he says he can just feel the tips of them.

The last few days I have had this weird fluttery sensation in my belly all through the day, it's not sore but really strange! Pretty sure Im not pregnant though.

Anyway, just wanted to share that it's not bad news for everyone, actually when I look back the pill (Regividon) was awful for me.

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I really really needed to hear that. Thanks so much. It was so important for me to read some success, I've been seeing a lot of negative things about the mirena in general but I suppose you're more inclined to write a post If you're having a bad experience. I'm having my first lap in 12 days with the mirena fitted at the same time. It's diagnostic but they are expecting endo, I also have erosion on my cervix which will be zapped simultaneously, they say it's probably due to being on the pill for so many years. I'm so nervous about pain and I'm so nervous about the mirena but your post has relaxed me about that so thank you!!! Xx


I first had a laparotomy where they cut open along my bikini line, that took weeks to recover from for me, was very difficult to get up from sitting or lying down. 2 years later I had a laparoscopy (keyhole) and it felt like a walk in the park recovering from compared to the first time!

I had the merina inserted, it was a very unpleasant experience, so at least you'll be asleep for that part :) I wrote a post covering the first 3 weeks of having the merina, so hopefully you can go on my profile and view posts? It was difficult with cramping at first but it's worth waiting a while to let things calm down :) I hope your op goes well! Xx


Thanks so much for sharing :)

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Great to hear. The mirena was an absolute lifesaver for me.


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I have just stumbled across your post whilst looking for positive merina coil endometriosis experiences...

I had mine fitted on Monday, and am terrified it won't work and have heard lots of bad experiences. I am still experiencing some cramps which I expect, but other than that I feel fine. If its ok, there is one thing I would like to ask... I experience excruciating pain on orgasm - has the coil helped this at all? You mentioned in a previous post you get something similar? Because this really is the only pain and issue I now have with endometriosis.

Thank you x


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